The Complete Six Degree Flow Review – First Impressions

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Scott Sonnon’s new Six Degree Flow program is a comprehensive, plug-and-play, bodyweight training system that will help you burn stubborn body fat, build functional muscle, heal aches and pains, prevent injuries, and improve your fitness using a variety of unconventional movement skills and exercises that were specifically created to increase the amount of flow in your life and help you feel and perform at your best.

But what is the REAL TRUTH behind this program – apart from all of the hype? Does it work and is it worth it? And most importantly, who would Six Degree Flow be best-suited for? This review is going to answer all of those questions and more.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll just say it.

This program is like FlowFit on steroids!

note: that was an inside joke for my CST and TACFIT peeps.

But all kidding aside, I’ve spent the last 48 hours devouring Scott Sonnon’s new Six Degree Flow program. I didn’t even know about it until a couple days ago when I got an email from one of you asking if I’d be reviewing it (good thing you asked!). So, after I put in a request and RMAX Headquarters sent me a review copy (thanks, guys!), I got right to work. And I’ve spent every free moment between then and now reviewing and testing the program in order to bring you my official Six Degree Flow Review.

What You’ll Learn From This Six Degree Flow Review

Obviously, this review is based on my first impressions of the program since I haven’t used it for more than two days. My initial thoughts are fairly positive, overall, but there are a few things about it that you should know before you buy. And that’s my ultimate goal with this review: to help you figure out if the Six Degree Flow program would be right for you – your needs, goals, and unique circumstances.

You see, much like most of Scott’s other programs (e.g. TACFIT 26, Primal Stress, and TACFIT Commando to name a few), Six Degree Flow is another excellent program – for the right person. And when I say the right person, let me clarify that by saying that almost everyone I know would benefit from using this program. Almost everyone. So, it really comes down to whether or not you want to use it.

So, in this review, I’ll do my best to help you figure that out for yourself by covering the pros and cons – along with what I like and don’t like about it – to hopefully, help you decide if it’d be worth investing not just your money, but also your time and trust into this program.

Because this is a very different kind of program, perhaps even for Sonnon, and it’s not what I was originally expecting. But since I’ve gone through the materials and just read the sales page, it makes sense to me now. It really represents another evolution and deeper refinement of Scott’s work – not to mention a bold new direction for fitness that has been mostly uncharted up until now.

Now, don’t get me wrong and think that this program is somewhat “out there.” The truth is that Six Degree Flow contains many familiar and identical components to Scott’s other CST and TACFIT programs. But at the same time, there is definitely something new about this one. And you’ll soon learn more about that in this review.

So, what is Six Degree Flow and what’s inside the actual package?

Six Degree Flow Review - Product BoxSix Degree Flow is a digital (i.e., downloadable) bodyweight training program for people who want to burn fat, build muscle, improve their fitness, and seek after flow in their training. It was designed so that it can be performed anywhere, anytime, and requires no equipment. You can view it on your computer, laptop, smart phone or TV, or tablet, making it very portable.

Now, when it comes to what you actually get when you buy Six Degree Flow, the package includes a handful of succinct, action-oriented manuals (in PDF format), a huge collection of exercise instructional videos (universal MP4 format), a handful of follow-along workout videos, and a ton of bonuses, too (more on that later).

Like many of Scott’s former products, Six Degree Flow contains a TON of material – about 9.5 Gibabytes of data to be precise. So, this program will keep you busy for a long time. And some of the program’s features could be used for a lifetime. This certainly isn’t another one of those workout programs that you use for three months, and then never again.

Six Degree Flow Workout – Demo of the Roll and Sway “Complete Flow”

Since I didn’t have much time to review the product before the launch, I only managed to put together this short video teaser of me performing one of the flows towards the end of my first workout. You see, each workout in the Six Degree Flow program culminates into a “flow” of exercises that have been chained together seamlessly. So, after you’ve warmed up with some joint mobility exercises and practiced a variety of exercises and transitions, you put them together into a flow.

So, I turned the camera on during my first run through of the Roll and Sway workout yesterday morning – and this is a short clip of my first run through the “complete flow” near the end of the workout. It was a pretty rough performance (lot’s of work to do!), but you’ll get the idea.

Here’s a little teaser of Scott Sonnon’s new Six Degree Flow bodyweight training program:

As is often the case with CST and TACFIT training, I felt great when I finished my first session of Six Degree Flow. But I was also made aware of some trouble spots that may need some attention. Which brings me to my next point.

What Makes Six Degree Flow Unique?

It’s the flow, yo!

But seriously, this program was crafted to provide an accessible blueprint to help people train for and experience flow-state on a regular basis. I could speak at length about why this is so important and potentially life-changing, but I know Scott has shared many of the reasons behind training for flow on the sales page, among other places. So, I won’t rehash it here.

One thing that Scott does say on the sales page is that, “6°Flow brings everything to the table: fat loss, muscle development, improved range of motion, pain freedom and injury prevention…[but] it goes so far beyond the fat-burning and muscle building you’ll receive. ”

And I couldn’t agree more. On the surface, this is an unconventional body recomposition program (for fat loss and muscle gain) that comes with unique injury prevention benefits. But it is so much more than that.

Let me give you a glimpse using this little snippet I grabbed from the program’s handbook (ie the main manual)…

“The key to flow rests with deliberately facing the aches, pains and limitations in movement we have been avoiding. Flow requires the removal of avoidance-anxiety and the fear of injuring ourselves, and the forceful resistance which results from believing we must push through pain and limitation in order to survive.”

That may give you a clue about the direction this product is taking the fitness community. It’s about transformation, folks, and it isn’t for the faint of heart – only for people who are willing to face their fears and pursue their true potential. And while I haven’t used this program to transform my body or my life, I am very familiar with the transformational power of training like this. And that’s something almost no other fitness programs offer, and what makes Six Degree Flow very unique. Not only are you getting an outstanding fitness program, but you’re getting a well-vetted blueprint for physical and personal transformation.

Six Degree Flow PROS: What I Like About It

There are a lot of things I like about Six Degree Flow. Here are my top 10.

You will feel amazing after training like this. Scott says that, “You’re going to get results during the first few repetitions… You’ll have more energy the next day, sleep better than night, and find yourself wanting to move more.” So far, I’ve found that to be true, and I know it is true about this type of training, in general. In fact, Scott says in the handbook that, “6°Flows are actually “Prasara Yoga” by definition.” More like “Prasara Yoga for conditioning, if you ask me. So, if you like feeling absolutely trashed after your workouts, then Six Degree Flow might not be the best program for you. You’ll probably actually feel better than when you started – even after an intense workout. Furthermore, Scott adds, “You begin to notice dramatic changes after the first few sessions.” And I think it’d be worth putting that to the test.

This program is truly plug-and-play, ACTION-oriented, and step-by-step. After you’ve downloaded the program materials, there is a succinct quick-start guide that will have you up and running in minutes, if you’d like. And following the program couldn’t be simpler. Not only has it been designed with various content formats for multiple learning styles (e.g. visual, audio, written), but it’s also been created with speed of execution in mind so you can get right to work and keep on workin’.

Six Degree Flow Review - BannerIt’s both portable and accessible. Scott assures us that, “You won’t have to go to the club, or attend the latest studio.” It’s something you can do at home in your living room, in a hotel room, or anywhere you go on the road. If you’ve got access to a computer, smart phone, or almost any device with internet access, then you can take your training with you.

You don’t need any equipment. None. Although, Sonnon recommends wearing some minimalist footwear depending on where you’ll be training.

It’s a very flexible program. For starters, there are three different training schedules to follow (with built-in flexibility) – making this easy to adapt to your weekly schedule. But you can also use this program in conjunction with other training, too. So, you don’t necessarily have to give up your existing physical activity regime to use this, too.

All sessions take less than 1 hour (45-53 minutes using the follow-along videos). There are three main sessions, each with about 25-30 different exercises, and also including one full flow. Each session involves a brief mobility warmup, a work period of practicing the individual exercises and transitions, along with a time for performing the full flows using the components you’ve just practiced, a compensatory cooldown period, and a 5 minute deep relaxation period that Scott calls the “autogenic corpse cooldown or shutdown routine.” Did I mention you’ll feel fantastic when you’re done?

It was designed to safely take you right to your edge, and no further, in pursuit of flow. And let me tell you! I had to take a few breaks during my first session, pausing the video when I couldn’t keep up or needed to spend a little extra time on a certain exercise or transition. But by the time I got to the complete flows at the end of the workout, I was ready to roll (no pun intended) and was surprised how quickly I picked them up. Flow. You gotta love it.

There’s plenty of new content for old CST/TACFIT vets, too. There are new exercises, flows, and a whole new bonus program, the Unbinding Deep Mobility Routine, which I did get a chance to go through myself – loved it!

The program is both challenging and fun. Or, is it fun because it’s challenging? I don’t know. But enjoying an exercise program is a big factor for complying to that exercise program. Scott says, “flow – by definition – is also challenging, interesting and fun!? If you enjoy and feel stimulated by something, you don’t need to remember to do it, or dread doing it. You keep doing it because it is fun! Of course, you’ll just watch the inches melt away while you’re having too much of a good time.” So, take that into consideration, too.

This is a very high value purchase, particularly with all the bonuses. For the cost of a personal training session, you’re getting a comprehensive workout program that you could use for a very long time. And when you include all of the bonuses, this is an extremely high value for your money. Truth be told, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years buying many of the products that Scott has included in this package for free. My point being that you’ll get a whole lot of training material for your money, but that’s kindof how Scott rolls. He likes to over-deliver. So, if you’re shopping around for a new workout program based on value, then this is definitely an option worth considering.

Six Degree Flow CONS: What I Don’t Like About It

All good programs have their downsides, too, but in this case, I think they’re marginal issues.

I found a bunch of text typos and graphic design issues (e.g. formatting) – mostly in the main handbook. Unprofessional, yes. But it’s no biggie because the content and value is there.

There were some inconsistencies in the program. For example, I noticed that the full flow for the Roll and Sway component differed from the full flow instructions in the manual. So, I couldn’t use a print-out from the manual while I follow along with the video since they appear to be two different flows. That, or I just don’t understand it.

Some beginners, and very deconditioned people will have a hard time working with this program. I would say that this is more of a intermediate level workout program. So, if you fit into that category and this is your first foray into the realm of Scott’s CST and TACFIT systems, then there are other programs out there that may suit you better. Speaking of which, the FlowFit program is included as one of the bonuses. So, even ultra-beginners could get started with this and eventually work up to the Six Degree Flow workouts. Methinks that’s probably why Scott decided to include it. Smart, aren’t I?

What Kind of Results Can You Expect To Receive

Scott Sonnon - Creator of the Six Degree Flow Program
Scott Sonnon – Creator of the Six Degree Flow Program

Honestly, that’s hard to say. Or rather, it’s hard to put it into specifics.

Scott claims that Six Degree Flow will help you burn fat and build muscle, increase your resilience, and prevent injuries in the process. And he actually implies on the sales page that you’ll get better body composition results than other traditional fat loss programs or high intensity training programs because Six Degree Flow was designed to control cortisol levels. But I’m not so sure.

So, let me put it this way. If you use this program as prescribed, and do your due diligence with your diet and other lifestyle factors (e.g. getting enough quality sleep, etc.), will you burn fat? Yes, absolutely. But is this more effective than other fat loss methods? I’m not sure. I just don’t know because I haven’t tested it myself.

And while I am sure that you will build some lean body mass from using this program consistently, how much you can expect to build is still to be determined. We just have to take Scott’s word for it. I can tell you this, though. You probably won’t be winning any pro bodybuilding competitions. But you probably don’t care about that, do you? And that’s not the point of this program anyway – not even close (read the sales page). Health, mobility, functionality, and the ability to move without pain, injury, or fear is the point. It’s about flow. And functional, “go-muscle” is often a result of training for that.

Furthermore, I can guarantee that you will feel better from using this program. You’ll have more energy, rest/recover/sleep better, and perform better. And it should go without saying that you will get stronger and more fit. And obviously, looking better is just a nice perk that usually goes along with those other benefits.

Is Six Degree Flow Right For You?

I don’t know. You tell me.

But seriously, as I said in the introduction, almost everyone I know would benefit from using this program. So, it really comes down to whether you want to use it.

You see, in my mind, this program is best suited for people who want to burn fat, build muscle, and get stronger and more agile (who doesn’t?), AND who also have some degree of aches/pains or other chronic health problems that could and should be abated through health-first exercise. So, from a physical standpoint, if you want a little bit of body recomposition with some injury prevention benefits, then Six Degree Flow would be a great fit. Furthermore, if you want to train using some fun and unconventional methods, AND you want that program that is accessible anywhere anytime with no equipment required, AND you want more flow in your training and life, then Six Degree Flow will probably be a near-perfect fit for you.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that, even though I was scratching my head a few times while reading the sales page, this is another great program from Scott that will help a lot of people. And I think that if you’ve read this far, then you should definitely invest in the program today. Overall, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when taking an objective look at the entire program. There is a ton of value delivered with all of the resources and bonuses, and the price is unmatched in the fitness industry for this amount and quality of materials. Although, that doesn’t mean that Six Degree flow is the right product for everybody, which is why you need to see it for yourself.

Final Words

Now, before we wrap up, I did want to mention that something I appreciate about Scott is that he’s not afraid to put his unconventional ideas out there, despite what his critics might say. He’s bold. And this program presents a bold new direction for fitness in many ways. Now, do I think that Six Degree Flow is the absolute best workout program ever created in the history of mankind and that everyone on planet Earth should use it? No. But I do know this. Almost everyone I’ve met and trained with needs this type of exercise, and they’re not getting it from the mainstream.

Six Degree Flow makes the pursuit of health-first fitness, pain-free movement, and flow not only braindead-simple, but accessible to all. And with the sale price and all of the extra bonuses that are included as part of the package (did I mention there is a TON of stuff!), this is not only a no-brainer, but I can definitely say that you will miss out – big time – if you don’t take advantage of this limited time offer.

They could be charging hundreds of dollars for this, and believe me, people would pay it. In fact, I’ve paid that out for many of the programs that are available as free bonuses in this special offer. So, make sure you go through them, too. And as usual with Sonnon’s products, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee. So, you can always buy it, and get your money back if it’s just not what you were looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on over there, and grab yourself a copy before the launch expires.

Click Here to Learn More About Scott Sonnon’s Six Degree Flow Program (Only $87 + 11 Extra Bonuses Until Monday at Midnight)

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  1. Thanks for this review, John! The first thing I did after reading the six degree flow site was come here to see if you had reviewed it. I’ve been doing Primal Stress for a couple of months now and I’m loving it. My question is: is it possible to incorporate this new program while doing the Primal Stress program? Or is it too much to do both (trying to catch two rabbits, as Coach Sonnon has said before)?


    • It’s my pleasure, Alawi – happy to help. To answer your question, I reached out to Scott to see if he would weigh in with his thoughts (probably better answered by him). But since we haven’t heard anything, I’ll share my two cents.

      Doing both programs as-is would be far too much of a training load for most people. So, if you wanted to go this route, you’d have to micro-manage them a bit and figure out a training schedule that works for you.

      The simplest solution would be to alternate programs from cycle to cycle (e.g. every 4 weeks). Or, you could combine them into the same cycle some way. So, if I was going to combine them, then I would perform the sessions from each program as-is (ie same warmup, workout, cooldown, duration, intensity, etc.), exactly as they were designed, but I’d cut down on the total sessions per week so that it balances out.

      In other words, half of my weekly training sessions would be from Primal Stress and half from Six Degree Flow. That way, you would still be doing roughly the same workload. And of course, I’d pay close attention to the feedback you’re getting from training to watch for signs of overtraining. That’s the gist of how I’d do it anyway.

      If you haven’t already, check out this interview I did with Scott all about TACFIT where he touches on the subject of combining two different workout programs:

      And you can also get some more ideas from my other site here (I answered a similar question about Scott’s TACFIT Commando program):

      Any more questions, just let me know – happy to help.

  2. I was wondering what the difference is between this program and RMAX’s Primal Stress. I have the latter and was wondering if there would just be a lot of repeat in the former. Thanks.

    • Hey Jon,

      There are definitely some similarities in format and in some of the exercise selection, as is often the case with Sonnon’s programs. But Six Degree Flow and Primal Stress are totally different programs. So, it’s certainly not just a repeat of rehashed material. If you’ve enjoyed Primal Stress, then you’d probably like 6DF, too.

  3. williamc

    Thx, John.

    I’ve always wanted to learn the intermediate/advanced Prasara flows (e.g. the scorpion flow) and didn’t feel like basic flow-fit really accomplished that. Would this be a good introduction to the more advanced flows?

    I don’t really care about fat loss and my strength training is going fairly well with bodyweight work-outs (with your Pull-up Solution as the prime focus), but I was thinking of buying now at this price and maybe working on the program over the fall/winter.

    • William,

      Yes, this would be a great introduction to the more advanced Prasara flows, and I think that once you’ve implemented 6DF, you’ll have a much easier time not only learning the advanced flows and their transitions, but also creating your own flows from scratch in the future.

  4. I’ve only just started Jason Ferruggia’s course on muscle building and now after reading this review, I’m tempted to take Six Degree Flow also. Is this advisable? Or should I complete one program before beginning the next one?

    • It depends on your goals, Ragha. But you can always combine them somehow if you don’t want to do them one after the other. See my comment above in reply to Alawi for some ideas.

  5. Sir, please advise if i can see benefits from this new program over my older tacfit commando. thanks,

    • Yes, absolutely. And you might actually enjoy the change of pace with 6DF since it’s not high-intensity training like TACFIT Commando.

  6. Eng-Wen

    Dear John,

    How would 6DF compare with TacGym? Both seem like they could be inserted into Low Intensity day of the 4-day wave. I’m speaking as someone trying to avoid Tacfit Pokemon Syndrome.

    • They both have a lot of similarities in their format and execution, but they are still very different programs. TACGYM is more about tactical gymnastics, of course. And 6DF is obviously about finding flow and could also be described as Prasara yoga for conditioning. Obviously, both programs can be used for conditioning purposes, and for training flow, too. And if you play around with the programming, you could use either TG or 6DF on a low or moderate intensity day. If you like TG, then you’ll probably like 6DF, too.

      P.S. “Tacfit Pokemon Syndrome”, LOL

      • Eng-Wen

        Thanks, John. You’ve written a very fair review and every time, there’s always good info, both for someone new to tacfit as well as experienced tacfitters! Much appreciated. :)

  7. Johnson Pham

    I just got this mega deal as an early present to myself (getting nothing later this month now :D) but as I am mainly sedentary (got the CME program but no 15×2 25×1 clubbells for another month or so). What would be the recommended path if for some crazy reason I actually wanted to use all the programs (not at the same type but in succession/cycles)? I assume I start with Flowfit 1 first but after that I still have these pile of treasures. Whichever one i do first will begin either tomorrow morning or after school. Thanks again for another great review.

    • My pleasure, Johnson. Starting with FlowFit is a good idea. After that, just choose whatever you’d like. They’re all great programs. I’d recommend spending at least four weeks on each program. Although, you may want to commit to the full CME program once you get those clubbells. Enjoy!

  8. ben garner

    I started to buy the 6 degree flow program. The timer telling me that I still have 4 hours and 25 minutes to purchase 6 degree flow for 87 dollars.I clicked the 87 dollars area next to the timer and it send me to a website that sold this for 117.I tried as many ways as possible but it will not allow me to buy it for the special 87 price.Also the 117 does not offer as many bonuses.
    Can you please help.

    Thanks Ben

    • Hmm, I’m not sure what happened. The only thing I can think of is maybe my timer wasn’t synced up with theirs properly. And if that’s the case, then I’m really sorry. When they sent me the review copy, they told me the sale ends on Monday, and to my memory, it’s always gone until midnight Pacific Standard Time, which I think is what I set mine to expire on. But maybe they set it for Eastern Standard Time? Was it the timer on my website ( or on theirs (

      I think your best bet is to contact RMAX Customer Service and explain what happened. I’d think they would understand and hook you up.

      RMAX Customer Service:

      • Christopher

        Hello John,
        It was the time on your website and not theirs. It’s okay though.
        I was checking both the tacgym and 6 degree flow. I find both of them interesting. Between the two, which one is suggested if my interest in in developing muscle control and ability to move in any direction fluidly. Scapular control is also an interest of mine, I have aspirations to do single handstand with balance control.

  9. Christopher

    Hello John, Is the special package of 87 USD not available anymore? I’ve tried clicking on it but I don’t see it anymore, instead I see a reduced package costing 117 USD.

    Live long and prosper,

    • Hi Christopher,

      The launch special is not available anymore. The sale ended sometime last night. And apparently, you’re not the only one who missed out. So, I’d try contacting RMAX customer service and explain what happened. They’re good people and I’d think they would hook you up, even if you’re a day late. RMAX Customer Service:

  10. Just wondering if you have a follow up review of 6DF coming up?

    • Not at this time, John. The short version: I have been using the program myself on and off since this initial review was published, and I still like it! Well-worth the investment, IMO. If you have any specific questions about it, I’d be happy to help.

      • Thanks for the response back John. Actually, I do have a question. I picked up 6DF yesterday. I scanned through it, Im excited to get it started On Mon. Im going to do the 4 day wave. My Q is(more of a clarification); what exercises do I do for day one “Mobility Warm-Up and Compensation Cool-down”?
        Since its all one video I guess Im a little confused. The cool down I get, but the mobility warm up I don’t get. Is it only the beginning of video were it says “warm up” in the exercises or do you do the reps as well and omit the flows.
        Also, on day 2 “Roll and Sway Session Sequence”; do I follow the whole video? The answer is probably the obvious one for both, but I just want to make sure Im doing the program correct.
        Thanks for the reviews as well, they have been very helpful in choosing my path.

        • John,

          I think your assumptions are correct. The Mobility Warmup is just referring to the exercises near the beginning of each video labeled “Warmup.” And yes, you do follow the whole video on Day 2 for the “Session Sequence.”


  11. Thanks for the excellent reviews! I just picked up Six Degree Flow. I’ve been doing Pavel Tsatsouline’s Simple & Sinister for a while (32kg and partial 40kg) and felt like something different would be beneficial. I popped in the Roll & Sway video and holy crap is it hard stuff!

    Do you recommend keeping at Roll & Sway’s individual movements (skipping the full flow for now) or doing some FlowFit first (if so, for how long)?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Mike,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I think you should follow Sonnon’s advice and do as much of each program as you can – taking a break at any point in the program that you feel you need to. So, if the full flow feels beyond your current ability, simply keep the video rolling, and work on whatever component exercises are challenging you the most. Or, if you need a break to recover, simply focus on your breathing until the cooldown exercises at the end. You can do your own 4-count breathing drill like Sonnon instructs near the end of the Autogenic Corpse Pose for deep relaxation.

  12. Hi John, thanks for another great review!
    I do crossfit at night and wanted to do a mobility/ skill routine in the morning.
    Was thinking in something like 6 Flow or Tacgym or Primal Stress.
    Do you have any suggestion?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Rodolfo, I’d probably go with 6 Degree Flow, but TACGYM would be another good option, too – assuming that you keep your effort level low. If 6DF interests you, though, then I think it’s a no-brainer. It’s a great program, and will complement your Crossfit training well. Any more questions, just let me know.

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