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As I alluded to in The Superiority of Bodyweight Training, there is a major shift happening in the world of fitness, and more specifically, in the world of bodyweight training. People are getting tired of the old, repetitive calisthenic-esque routines, and they’re looking for something that will help them not only achieve their fat loss, muscle building, and conditioning goals, but also something that will make them feel better during and after training. The truth is, many people are starting to look upon basic bodyweight routines that are made up of endless sets of pushups, situps and squats and see the influence that bodybuilding-style training has had upon it (and realizing the consequences that such training methods create).

Even though bodyweight exercise has traditionally been taught as a physique-focused training method (boy, that sure must have been a hard sell, who doesn’t want a more attractive physique?), it’s now adapting into a more sophisticated movement discipline. Better health and better movement are the goals, and as a result, a better physique is created. You see, if you seek better movement and better health, you will LOOK healthier and more athletic, too. It’s cause and effect. For example, the reason gymnasts have admirable physiques is not because they train for physique goals, but because they devote themselves to greatness in their craft. Pursuing better health and athleticism leads to certain physiological processes that naturally burn fat and build muscle, revealing an incredible physique automatically. CAUSE AND EFFECT. And some bodyweight training coaches are have caught onto this revolutionary idea and are now taking major action on it.

And now, without further adieu, here is a fun video demonstrating the evolution of bodyweight training. (yes, I know, some of the exercises look goofy in fast motion)

The Evolution of Bodyweight Exercise Training

Thanks to my brother Josh for helping me with the filming – you’re the man!

Do you see the progression? What started as basic calisthenics ultimately evolved into a dressier version of the same calisthenics. It was the same exact exercise, just a little fancier. Then some bright minds started to catch onto this and started getting creative in their home gyms, garage gyms, and local parks. They started seeing through the cloud of conventional bodyweight exercise and began inventing movements that had never been seen before. They sought excellence in their craft, instead of seeking after by-product goals like “ripped abs” or “bigger guns.” And as a result, they got what everyone ultimately wants, but they were healthier movement specialists FIRST. The last part of that video was mostly made up of exercises I learned from the Circular Strength Training system (CST), which was developed by my coach, Scott Sonnon. CST exercise is at the tip of the spear when it comes to innovative, health-first training.

Now, you’ve got a chance to pursue excellence in the craft of bodyweight training because Sonnon has teamed up with Ryan Murdock (the bodyweight coach), and they are offering a free training program as part of their announcement for TACFIT Commando. It’s a bodyweight-only workout that is currently being used by special forces groups around the world, who don’t always have access to exercise equipment.

You’ll have to grab it by midnight February 2, though, because they’re only giving it away between now and then. The workout comes with a 13 page program manual and a detailed video that coaches you through each unique exercise. I’ve read the manual and gone through the workout and I think it’s definitely worth a look by my readers.

So, I’d encourage you to check it out today, try out some of the exercises and then stay tuned for tomorrow’s Physical Living challenge! And make sure your speakers are turned up for the cool intro video:

Update: the free program is no longer available, but all is not lost. I’ve amassed a database of free information all about TACFIT Commando since its debut. Click the link below to learn more:

TACFIT Commando Review

To your health and success,

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  1. really cool video John. I think this shows, better than a lot of stuff I’ve seen, the way CST materials are working in a different paradigm than other fitness stuff. Sometimes the marketing can be a pain with all this fitness stuff, but your video really distills down what’s unique. I’m still at the beginning stages of learning many of the exercises demonstrated at the end of this video, and your progress here is really motivational! Thanks for making this.

    • Thanks Derek. I’m not a fan of over-the-top marketing myself. Good marketing should connect people with exactly what they are looking for. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ve been able to test drive TACFIT Commando and I think it can truly help a lot of people find what they’re looking for in a bodyweight training routine, which is why I’ll be posting more information about it over the next week.

  2. John Paul Tan

    Is that a T-Nation shirt? I gotta get one of those.

  3. Jamie Louise

    Fantastic John, you have always been an inspiration. Just your average Jo not being so average. I found you through CST so I am very familiar with these training moves, can’t do as many as you yet, but love playing with it. I have watched your dog grow up watching you, he must think most other humans are so boring. . . . . . . . There is no way I can jump around my ‘red healer’ Harry without him jumping all over me and barking out of control. Keep up the great videos, I love watching them.

  4. sir, i wanted to purchase TACTFIT R.O.P.E where can i found it.

  5. hi john ,nice to see you are respond my mail,i am very grateful to you,
    as i am into judo i need explosive strength ,will it possible for
    me to add muscle with rope workout and gain explosive strength,
    finally does the rope comes ready made i mean ready to exercise
    and shall i use it in door .

  6. Hi Suman,

    Yes, the ROPE program will help enhance your judo game as it involves a lot of pulling movements. It’s not just for building static strength, but strength in movement and many of those movements are “explosive” as you say. And of course, it can be used to build muscle as well.

    If you buy TACFIT ROPE, it only includes the instructional coaching materials. There is no actual rope included, and you’ll need to buy your own. And yes, you can hang one from a door frame, or anything for that matter.

  7. hello john,
    i will sourly buy TACTFIT ROPE ,but let me cleared it first
    instructional coaching means how the exercise done am i right,
    then who will guide me how to make the rope ,what is the diameter of the rope,length of the rope ,thus how to make tactfit rope
    that is also included with step by step guide.if somebody will not teach
    practically how can i do this.

  8. Suman,

    Yes, there are videos for both teaching exercise technique and follow along videos for each individual workout.

    There is also an instructional video called Setting Up Your Rope Equipment. I’m not sure if it’s advertised on the sales page, but I do know they created it because so many people were asking about rope selection and how to tie them, etc. That video will answer most of your questions, but you’ll also gain access to a members area where the TACFIT team can answer all of your questions personally.

  9. hello john,
    please john take your time please give me correct confirmation
    that video called Setting Up Your Rope Equipment is included
    in the dvd.otherwise it is not possible for me to set up rope,
    as it take time to watch it carefully and if necessary again
    and again .i am not like the second option members are only
    can give idea verbally or by mail,they are unable to give live
    demo how to make the rope,choose the proper rope,size,diameter

    • Yes Suman, the video is included – though it’s not a DVD, but a video file you can either view on their website or download the file and play from your computer yourself.

      I’m not actually the seller, just someone who endorses the program. For all your product-related questions, you can contact the TACFIT ROPE Customer Service Department:

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