The Pull-up Solution VS the Competition: What Makes the Pull-up Solution Truly One-of-a-Kind?

How The Pull-up Solution is different from the Armstrong Pull-up Program, The Twenty Pull-ups Challenge, The Recon Ron Pull-ups Program, and Every Other Pull-up Training Program Out There

A gentleman named Ken asked me how I would compare The Pull-up Solution to the program contained on And I thought, “why stop there? Why don’t I just compare my program to all of the other popular programs currently available?”

You see, as part of my product research, I went out and bought every single pull-up and chin-up training resource I could get my hands on. I’ve got a whole stack of books, videos, digital products, and Kindle ebooks, among other things that I devoured while researching for The Pull-up Solution. I wanted to see what was already out there in an effort to make my program stand out from the crowd and actually be different – perhaps even one-of-a-kind – and most importantly, to help you succeed even more.

What Makes The Pull-up Solution Unique?

So, what does makes The Pull-up Solution unique? And why would you want this one instead of some of the other options out there?

Two things, mainly: comprehensiveness and personalization.

Call me crazy, but I think those two qualities are pretty important in any type of fitness program – not just for pull-up workout programs. I mean, what good is a pull-up workout program if it’s lacking some of the key components to pull-up training success (i.e., it is not comprehensive)? And I’m not going to name names or point our specific shortcomings because I’m glad that all of the programs listed above are out there for the general public, but every single one of them has at least one thing in common: they are not comprehensive in scope. And in my opinion, each one is missing at least one critical component to pull-up training success – and some of them are seemingly missing several of the key components. So, no wonder many people struggle to get better at pull-ups using some of these programs! Some of them are utterly incomplete, at best. And so, to put it bluntly, at least when it comes to the actual scope of the program – both the breadth and depth – it’s no contest, really.

Which leads me to my next point about personalization. This is what totally separates The Pull-up Solution from every single pull-up training program ever created – by a long shot. Because no other program has implemented personalization to the extent that I have in my system – not even close. Sure, some of these programs do have elements of personalization included – such as some self-testing instructions and some tips along the lines of “take a day off if you need to.” But I’ve found that to actually succeed, most people need a lot more individualization than this. And so, I created The Pull-up Solution to fill that need by implementing as many aspects of personalization as is necessary to succeed in your pull-up training.

So, The Pull-up Solution is customizable to not only your conditioning level, but your skill level for the exercises. It’s also customizable to your schedule and the actual time you have available for training. Also, it was created so that you could either perform it as a stand-alone program, or integrate it with your existing fitness routine. There are instructions for making the program shorter, or longer, depending on how many weeks you want to devote to pull-up training. It gives you specific instructions on what to do if you’re feeling fresh or if you’re feeling lousy. And there are a lot of other little ways I’ve made personalization a big part of The Pull-up Solution – including the Personalization Guide, which offers some extra coaching advice depending on your unique situation.

So, suffice to say, The Pull-up Solution is not only fully-customizable to your fitness abilities, it is also very personalizable to your individual needs, goals, and unique circumstances. My goal was to create an affordable pull-up training system that imitates the kind of personalization you’d receive from a coach, without actually having one. And so, what I’ve done is create a step-by-step system that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do each and every day to succeed – that will take you right to your edge, and no further, each and every time you train in order to hit the “sweet spot” for maximum results. Said another way, I’ve created a pull-up training framework that practically guarantees results, and  yet still provides you with just enough flexibility to make your pull-up training pursuits your own – so that you’re not stuck trying to adhere to a program that isn’t right for you.

I might also argue that my program is a premium product, and while it certainly isn’t a Hollywood production, a lot of work went into the research, testing, development, and the actual creation of the product. But now that I’m almost a thousand words into this, let me just say that I could talk at length defending my pullup program as the most effective pull-up training system ever created, but I’d rather let you be the judge.

But if I could mention one last thing that really makes The Pull-up Solution stand out, it’s that it works, and has worked for people from all walks of life – many of whom sought out my program because some of the other popular options didn’t work for them. Said another way, a lot of people who have tried and failed with the other pull-up training programs found that they could succeed with my program. My theory: comprehensiveness and personalization.

Of course, I’m biased. So, what do I know?

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P.P.S. Please don’t take this post the wrong way and think that I’m bashing all of the various programs listed above. The truth is that I’m really glad they’re all out there, and I’m sure that a lot of people have used them successfully. So, don’t get me wrong and think that NOBODY can succeed with one of these programs, or any other generic, cookie-cutter program for that matter. It’s just that in my experience, most people need a lot more help than these do-it-yourself programs provide, and I set out to improve upon them with The Pull-up Solution.

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