Tuesday Q+A: Basic Vibration Drills for Relieving Tension by John Sifferman

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This week’s Q+A is all about vibration training. You may have seen those snazzy vibration plates that you stand on during exercise – and this video is not about those machines, but about the theory behind them.

I’m in favor of low tech, high payoff simple exercises over high tech, low payoff machine-based exercises. For decades, fitness equipment inventors have been trying to create a strength training machine that will mimic real life events – and they have failed miserably every time. Those vibration machines have the same story. And I have to ask myself, why would I pay thousands of dollars for one of these things, or pay a hefty gym membership fee to be able to use one?

You can achieve the same results without any equipment at all, using some old-school, Russian-based sport science techniques. Here they are…

Basic Vibration Drills for Relieving Tension

So, what is vibration training good for? Relieving tension, restoring nutrition to your tissues, lowering your heart rate, cooling down from a strength session, removing toxins (like “galactic acid” :-) see post from last Wednesday), and recovering from fatigue.

There are many reasons why this is a good inclusion in your training, and it’s so simple to implement. Whenever you have a moment, just “shake it off.”

Sometimes, at the end of my training sessions, I will do 1-5 full body vibration drills for up to 60 seconds each round. This is the optimal way to utilize vibration training, but you certainly don’t need to do this as formally as I sometimes do. Every little bit helps.

If you want to learn more about vibration training, check out RESET: Rapid Energy Sports Enhancement Technique. This is the program I used to learn the in’s and out’s of low-tech, high payoff vibration training.

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  1. “R.E.S.E.T” is indeed a great resource, but I really like your “quick” video tutorial – cuts right to the important stuff. Even though I have RESET, I feel as if I learned something watching this. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Thanks James. I’m glad you learned something!

  3. I like the style of how you explained this John.
    Awesome vid.



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