Tuesday Q+A: How Much Time Should I Spend Exercising? by John Sifferman

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This question comes up a lot, and my answer is not what you might expect…

How Much Time Should I Spend Exercising by John Sifferman

There’s no point in trying to follow a program if you cannot commit the time to follow it completely. It’s a backwards approach trying to decide how much time you should be training. First, figure out how much time you WILL commit to training. Write it down for everyday of the week.

If you have an hour everyday to be active, fantastic – use your time wisely, and structure your program so that you progress slowly, think baby steps.

If you only have 10 minutes a day, that’s great! I’m glad you are taking time for YOU and your health and wellness. You will have a just as big of a responsibility as someone who devotes an hour a day. Instead of training for longer periods of time, you will need to FOCUS your efforts to achieve your goals. If you have a body composition goal like fat loss, for instance, you better plan on working VERY hard for those 10 minutes.

It’s true, you won’t get your dream body in 10 minutes per day – contrary to what you may have heard on the TV. It’s all about what you put into it. The more time you spend, the better for your health and physique. However, you can still make awesome progress with only a few committed minutes a day.

If you are truly seeking abundant health and your dream body, then you need to adopt the philosophy and practice of being active as much as possible. Make your lifestyle require you to be active regularly. Do something active everyday, or every hour if you can.

My wife and I just got a puppy, and ‘Ronin’ requires regular “potty” breaks outside – meaning I have to get off my butt almost every hour to bring him out for a brief walk. While I’m waiting, I like to do joint mobility exercises to decompress my joints and “wake my body up.” I encourage you to do something similar throughout the day.

Your Question of the Day is: How much time do you exercise every day and week?

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Wellness Warrior

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  1. Currently, I am spending about 1 hour a day of structured training time, and that’s an estimate. Sometimes more, sometimes less. On top of that, I’m also spending another 30-60 minutes per day doing other active things like walking my puppy Ronin.

  2. Hey John

    I spent (at the moment) around 40-50 minutes every second day in the gym, doing Turbulence Training workouts w/ HIIT. I also walk 2 miles a day.

    Great video, I appreciate you spending time to offer the advice :)

  3. Thanks for the note Mark. Awesome progress btw, you’re an inspiration to your fellow inner circle members. Keep up the great work!

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