Upper Body Strength and Full Body Athleticism Like You Wouldn't Believe

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Check out this amazing display of athleticism and strength from master rope climber, Igor Zaripov.

Aerial straps,Demo 2008

There will always be men and women who spend their lifetime testing their limits. So long as these people keep practicing, our perception of what is possible will continue to be widened. We could all use a few more men and women like Zaripov to inspire those around us, why not you?

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  1. That’s some pretty amazing stuff. Particularly the 1 arm behind the back stuff, and the 1 arm swinging stuff. It’s hard to imagine the strength he must have in his shoulder girdle to manage those moves without getting torn up.
    Amazing control too. Exceptionally graceful and powerful. Thanks for showing this. Now I’m trying to figure out where to hang my ropes.

  2. ridiculously good John! Thanks for posting this!

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