WARNING: Everything you Don’t Want to Know About Fast Food

Back in high school, I was a fast food junkie. One or two weekly trips to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or KFC wasn’t unusual back then. Not long afterwards, I saw the documentary Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock (the one where he eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month). That triggered a decision that had already been looming in my mind to completely stop eating fast food – even if it meant I would go hungry for some meals. I haven’t been 100% clean, but since then, I’ve probably had fast food less than 5 times. There’s so much that can be said about the decision not to eat fast food, but I’ll let the statistics speak for themselves…

You can play the song while you peruse the figures… There’s only audio, no video:

Larry Groce – Junk Food Junkie – (my wife can quote this song word-for-word)


How many times a month do you eat fast food?

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  1. John Paul

    41% of China’s population eat fast food at least once a week. Wow, that tells me 41% of 1 billion people are on their way to chronic health problems. Very scary statistics but I am pretty sure American drug companies are salivating right now at the prospect of China being the world’s most populated and sickly population.

    On a side note John, just because you consume a lot of calories doesn’t mean it is bad right? Because for me I do not count calories. I just eat the right food and I eat a lot of them.

    • For health and fitness purposes, both quality and quantity of foods are important. It depends on what you mean by a lot though. Everyone has their individual needs, and as long as you’re at a healthy weight, I’d say your daily intake is about right. Some people don’t bother counting calories and do just fine, but we’re all at different stages.

  2. TrailGrrl

    I hate it when I go to other countries and see US fast food joints. Burger King is popular in Sweden, as is McD’s. I must confess to eating McD’s in Stockholm station after spending a week in Finland with vegetarians.

    Usually only on travel with others… and just at the airport or on the road only if I can’t get anything for hours. Last time I had too much, I thought it was gonna kill my insides!

    How bad is Chick fil A??? Probably really aweful. I only like it on travel because we don’t have them where I live.


    • The last few times I’ve had fast food, I felt sick to my stomach soon afterwards. I’m sure Chick Fil A is no different.

  3. Okay, first of all I need to clarify that calories is NOT the problem. Even though many, poorer countries have a lot of famine, the average maintenance is 2000 calories.

    Any athlete should not at any point, however, eat less than 3500. If you’re a real athlete you train at least once every day, including gruelling skills training and drills, fast-paced conditioning and strength workouts. I, personally, am having trouble gaining mass (if you can’t understand why someone would do that just shut your face) eating as much as 5000 calories because I train every day and have a very high caloric requirement at this point in time.

    The problem with food isn’t calories. It’s idiots stuffing their faces with it, and chemicals in the food.

  4. Sue Sifferman

    We’re poisoning ourselves with junk food. Even the coffee’s are contaminated with toxins. What an eye opening article. Thanks John!

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