What Does The Fitness Industry Need Most? (Part 1)

$14,615 - what the heck is it, again?
Only 4 minute workouts and $14,615 - what the heck is it, again?

More guru’s, experts, and professionals would be nice – someone who can help ME.

Another supplement line with all organic ingredients would be excellent! (if it were even possible)

How about some new gadgets to buy on late night TV? I hear the booty-plasmatronic machine is a real good deal. Plus it only takes 10 minutes a week to get a chiseled body.

No? Well then certainly we could use some more websites that teach us about fitness, exercise, nutrition, and personal development. More information is always a good thing.

How about an online GROUP just for fitness – that’s a GREAT IDEA!!!

It doesn’t take a genius to prove that the current model for how to live a healthy physically-oriented lifestyle is severely flawed. All of the above solutions have been pounded into the dirt, again and again. We have no shortage of solutions like the ones above, yet we are still facing some of the most daunting crisis’ in history. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and obesity rates are climbing faster and faster. Depression is affecting MILLIONS of American’s – that’s a lot of people that are upset about how their life is going. The statistics are frightening and the state of our health is only one of our problems!

Even with all the above quick-fix solutions, and many others, these problems are actually getting worse. Most people are walking wounded, sick regularly, and are on their way to dis-ease for the rest of their lives. A lack of resources isn’t the problem. We’ve got resources coming out of our ears, and we STILL have major health problems that aren’t getting better anytime soon. We have a fundamental problem on our hands!

So, what do we really need in the fitness industry?

That’s a hard question to answer, but I know who to ask. Ask the people who are living a life of vibrant health and abundant vitality already. Ask the people that wake up refreshed and eager to start their day. Ask the people that live and breathe pure physical living. And most importantly, ask the people that know how to help others best.

You see, we don’t need more guru’s, experts, or professionals selling supplements, fancy (read useless) training equipment, or membership websites. Those things can all help us, but in the big picture, they’re more of a hindrance than anything else. They take our eyes off of the process of pursuing a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. They have us chasing after beneficial results, or running from consequences, instead of chasing after intrinsic rewards and the joy of physical living.

So, take a balanced perspective when listening to guru’s, taking supplements, or trying new diet or fitness programs. Realize that your problem isn’t a lack of nutrients, or a lack of activity. Your problem is a disconnection from your physical nature. Your problem is a lack of love for physical living. Instead of trying to cure your problem with a quick-fix solution, prevent the problem before it even starts.

I’d rather see more activists than guru’s out there. More leaders than experts. More revolutionists than traditionalists. I’d rather see fitness professionals who would share their love of physical living with others, even without the promise of gain for them.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Howard Thurman

The fitness industry needs much more than a quick-fix solution – or any number of them. The fitness industry needs a complete overhaul. Call it a revolution, call it a revival, but what we need is something huge – far beyond what any single person or organization is able to solve.

The good news is that change is possible – it’s happening in people’s lives already. I look around and see people in sub-cultures getting upset about the conventional model of health and fitness. People are getting downright angry about it, actually. RMAX, Exuberant Animal, MovNat, the RKC, the IYCA, the IKFF, the Paleo and Primal communities are all beginning to realize that the current model of health and fitness is flawed. People are starting to wake up, but it’s happening slowly. But it IS happening. And you can be a part of it, too. You just need to choose to jump onboard.

Here’s how you can get started…

1) Realize that this is something much bigger than we can handle on our own. We won’t change the world, but we can change ourselves and begin to help others do the same.

2) Commit to changing your life first, before trying to share the love of physical living with others. You can only bring someone to a place of physical living that you have gone to yourself.

3) Get involved with an online community that shares your passion. AND…

4) Get involved with people from your local community to share your passion of fitness, athletics, exercise, cooking, hobbies, etc. Online communities are great. I’m apart of several. But they are nothing like getting to know people in person.

suggestions: find a training partner, join a fitness group, lead a summer hiking group, plan a beach day and invite all your friends, have a weekend BBQ with games, or get a dog that loves to explore the great outdoors.

5) Take a deep breath, because we’re about to dive into a sea of possibilities.

The revolution is coming. It’s already started in some communities. I hope you’ll get on board.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I go over how I’ve made the transition in my own life.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Revolutionary Thinker

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  1. I’m really enjoying your blogs and your message John! You have a different take on life and fitness and I actually enjoy your philosophy.

    I’m starting to adopt the “the simpler, the better” mentality and I find that it helps me reduce my stress and enjoy life that much more.

  2. Hi Alan,

    I’m glad this philosophy is really jiving with you. I’m starting to realize that these thoughts are what I’ve always felt, just never known how to express. I guess this blog is an exploration of how to do that.

    I’ve got some major changes planned for the site, that I’ll be announcing in the not-so-distant future. Hopefully, it will provide an even better way to get the good word out and change some people’s lives.



  3. Great post. BTW, I love the video you recently posted of your MovNat inspired workout………. great stuff

  4. Thanks Dean.

    re: movnat workout video

    Erwan Le Corre commented on it, telling me that I’ve got a lot to learn ;)

    I’d have to agree with him!

  5. Well said John! It’s a perfect summary about the change we need.
    And the sub-cultures aren’t just angry (like me) – they grew bigger during the last years. Years ago I thought about getting a certification as a fitness trainer. But what the industry was not at all what I looked for. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew what I didn’t want.
    Thanks to the the growing internet communities. There I discovered a different world. I found the poeple and the philosophies I thought I had always looked for: RKC, IKFF, RMax, MovNat, Paleo, Primal etc. The online communities were the only ressources I had because in my area there is only “the industry”. But the fitness industry is a business, not a playground. The more clients you get the better – if they pay for the contract and don’t show up often. Exercise and nutrition is made terribly complicated. The idea is making the clients dependent on the “expert’s” knowledge as much and as long as possible.

    Yes I got on board but I had to do it all by myself. In my area there weren’t any members of the sub-cultures until recently. But things are changing slowly. There is at least one other person who trains CST (so we are two :-)) and there is one gym who offers kettlebell training, a small crossfit group and a parkour community. At least a beginning.

    Talking about health and vitality – do you know Art de Vany and his Evolutionary Fitness? A great example for successful aging.


  6. I’ve had a similar transition into physical living as you Andrea – little support locally, tons of support online. I hope that continues to change!

    And yes, I know of Arthur. I’m looking forward to his book coming out early next year.

  7. Great post John!

    I’m interested in being more of an “educator” myself. I think a critical piece of the puzzle that is missing is educating clients about their own anatomy and physiology. Once clients understand basic principles about how their bodies work, they can begin to take control for themselves. Until then, they’re lost, looking for more gurus.

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