What’s Better Than The P90X Home Fitness Workout

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It seems everyone knows what P90X is these days. It’s everywhere, and I know many people who have used the P90x home fitness workout program with good success. I can’t argue with that point. As a fitness coach, I know the system has its flaws, but it can definitely help people lose weight and build muscle as it claims (although some of their other claims are a little far-fetched).

While I think it’s a decent system, there is one minor detail that leaves me with cause for concern. OK, it’s a major detail. P90x, while available for only 3 easy payments of 39.99 (or whatever it is), does NOT include the equipment required to follow the workouts.

Yep, you’ll need a ton of stuff to use P90x. Sure, some of the stuff can be bought used at yard sales, and some of it can even be created yourself if you’re budget conscious and handy with tools, but you can’t use the P90X home fitness workout program without a good bit of equipment. You’ll need a full set of weights and resistance bands, a pullup bar, and you’ll probably also want the pushup stands, too – among other things.

The P90X Home Fitness Workout Isn’t Always Possible At Home

Then there’s the issue of where are you going to keep all that stuff. It takes up a lot of space and not everyone has room for a fully-fitted p90x-approved home gym.

That’s one of the reasons why I often recommend bodyweight training for those who like to train in their homes. It requires little, if any equipment at all (no weights). Some bodyweight program do make use of a pullup bar, or a bench for dips, but the overall equipment needs are much less. Plus, some bodyweight programs don’t require ANY equipment.

I think a much better option is an equipment-free bodyweight training program. There are many out there, and I’ve highlighted several on this site. One of my favorites is called TACFIT Commando. It requires ZERO equipment (just some ground space and a willing soul), and it’s jammed packed with 9 months of unique workout programs. Most of these exercises have never been seen before either, so it’s almost all fresh material.

You can learn more about TACFIT Commando here if you’re interested.