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With the busyness of the holidays, and the arrival of my daughter just before the New Year, I’ve had my hands full for the last several weeks. Things are mostly back to normal now – a new normal for us.

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We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming very soon. The results from last year’s survey have helped me form a solid direction for Physical Living in 2012. Big plans, folks. Big plans indeed. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. HEEEYYY!! Congratulations John. Beautiful family my man! Holy mackerel, Caleb has gotten big. And Holy MACKEREL does your wee one have hair!

    Much love to you and the family!

    • Haha – You really are everywhere, aren’t you? Thanks for the note, Shane. I’m looking forward to catching up with you next week!

  2. Hey John – CONGRATS!!!! Your children are beautiful :)

  3. OK, if you can be a father to two children and be in that kind of condition, I’ve lost any excuse I might have (since I have none).


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