1 Weird Trick To Help You Muster Up The Motivation To Workout – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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Note: No Dinosaurs Required!

We all have days when the motivation meter is running low, and for whatever reason, the last thing on Earth you’d like to do is subject your body to exercise – or move at all, for that matter.

There’s something I’ve done over the years to get my butt into gear and make sure I’m accomplishing my daily goals and sticking with my training program. You may think this is a little weird, but it works for me, and I’m going to share it with you today. It’s not complicated, and will only take a minute to explain, but before I teach you my little trick, I’m going to have to introduce you to someone. His name is Mr. Sifferman, and he’s a professional – at everything.

In fact, Mr. Sifferman is everything John Sifferman ever wanted to be as a strapping, young lad. He’s the idyllic, real life superhero that never in his life had to wear spandex to get the job done. He’s fit, healthy, strong, and most importantly, free to do whatever he pleases.

He eats, drinks, sleeps, and trains like clockwork – every single day. And he never misses day. Ever. He seems like the guy who must live at the gym, but he rarely spends more than an hour a day training. He makes hard things look easy and can do pretty much anything he puts his mind to. But Mr. Sifferman’s finest quality is that he always makes not only the right choice, but also the best choice whenever evaluating any decision. Sure, he’s strong enough to lift a car off of helpless, trapped women, and also has the endurance to finish ultra-marathons, but his most esteemed quality is one of simple resolve and unrelenting discipline.

By now, you won’t be surprised to hear that Mr. Sifferman can hike the White Mountains barefoot, dance a mean Tango, and sneak up on ninjas in broad daylight. On top of that, not only did he single-handedly dominate Garry Kasparov in a game of chess, he even beat Chuck Norris at a game of tic-tac-toe once (and has the scars to prove it).

Given that last accomplishment, the man is clearly legend.

So, now that you’re acquainted with Mr. Sifferman, you’re probably wondering what my little trick is, right?

It’s easy. Whenever I need to get something done, I just ask him.

There’s something deep inside of you that has the courage, motivation, and willpower to make the hard, right choice instead of the easy, wrong one. See yourself as who you could be, who you have the right to be, and who you really are.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

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P.P.S. Either you’ve just witnessed a super-effective Jedi mind trick or I have a severe case of multiple personality disorder that comes with benefits!

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  1. Excellent article John! I would call it, expanding your vision and reality of who you are, by expanding the informational state of your identity. We perceive ourselves to be a certain way, based on the biased constraints of experiential conditioning. You have devised a brilliant way to supersede those limitations of thought form, by extending yourself self concept.

    Regards Scott Murphy (aka James Murphy)

    • Thanks James. This article was inspired, in part, by your own about becoming fearless. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Great article!! Makes us feel shame and lame on those days when we’re whining about going to the gym instead of just getting it done!!! :)

  3. I like this, well done with the article

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