5 Fitness Hacks to Help You Get Fit While Brushing Your Teeth

They say you can get fit while brushing your teeth. And I say they’re full of it. But you can squeeze in a little physical activity while you brush your teeth for a little extra health & fitness benefit each and every day. You do brush your teeth daily, right?

No, you probably won’t conquer any big fitness feats with a toothbrush in your mouth, but you can fit in a few “movement snacks” or fitness habits that will move you towards your goals of better health, fitness, strength, etc. Research has shown time and time again that frequent, low intensity bouts of physical activity is really – REALLY – good for us. So, any time and any way that you can fit it in is a big win.

Check out the video below for a few fitness hacks you can use while brushing your teeth.

Now, let’s face it. You’re not going to radically transform your body while you brush your teeth. You might radically transform your breath, but that’s aside from the fact. You see, part of becoming fit for life (instead of just for summer or vacation) involves changing your identity into one who actively seeks out opportunities to integrate fitness into your day-to-day life. And research has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in our day and age, when it comes to physical activity, every little bit helps.

So, again, here’s the list…

Stand on one leg or do the 4 corner balance drill for more of a challenge – Balance is a supremely important, trainable skill and it all starts with being able to balance on one leg. And if you want to make this really hard, close your eyes while you do it.

Hold a rock-bottom squat or do a short movement flow for more of a challenge – If you cannot hold a rock bottom squat with ease, then this should be high on your priority list! Click here for some tips on improving your squat depth.

Perform one set of calf raises or another exercise like bodyweight squats, lunges, etc. – If there’s one exercise that you’d like to work on, and you can perform it without drooling, then nailing a set every day isn’t a bad idea. Check out the Exercises Dept for plenty of ideas.

Perform some hip mobility drills or some other mobility exercisesJoint mobility training is like medicine without side effects. Movement literally heals us, and mobility training is like a super-booster with a long list of benefits. Twice-a-day quick mobility sessions are more than enough to see and feel progress in a matter of days. And if you’re not already doing this, then a few reps while you brush your teeth is a great way to test drive it.

Massage the sole of your feet with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball – Let’s face it. Culturally-speaking, our feet are a wreck. They’re weak, overly-sensitive, and often deformed among other things. And giving yourself a foot massage is a good step to offset some of those issues. Plus, it feels nice. Pretty soon, you’ll be hiking Mt. Washington barefoot.

Closing Thoughts

So, next time you brush your teeth, try out one of these ideas or one of your own. You’ll be one step closer to making the fit lifestyle not just something you do, but something you embody on a daily basis. At some point along the journey, fitness becomes a part of your identity. And when that happens, everything gets a little bit easier.

And before long, you’ll be receiving compliments like “you made that look way too easy,” or “I can’t believe you can eat all that and still look so good.”

Just tell ’em your secret: tooth-brushing workouts.

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7 Responses

  1. I like to go for long distances (40km+) but very often I get blisters. Do you think that massaging feet can get rid of blisters?

    • There might be some indirect benefit, Tomas, but I doubt it would help prevent or heal blisters. In my experience, blisters are usually a footwear issue that is caused by rubbing and complicated by heat, cold, and especially moisture. This just comes with the territory of long distance running. So, I might direct you to the folks at ToeSalad.com for better advice than I can give.

      That said, any and all runners would benefit from massaging their soles – even with a lacrosse ball.

  2. Hilarious and awesome fitness hacks. I use an electric toothbrush that has a timer set for two minutes and every night I totally sit in a rock bottom squat for the two minutes. In the morning, I also will do a wall squat for the two minutes.

    I have to admit that when I use mobility drills or more complicated balancing drills I do a terrible job brushing my teeth…

    • Sounds like a coordination deficiency to me :P

      • It is true, I even have trouble chewing gum and walking at the same time. It is a good thing that primal movements like crawling are all the rage right now. Four points of contact with ground really helps ;)

  3. Really good hacks that you can use, i’ve never tried those while brushing my teeth, only thing that i’ve tried and done is ab vacuum’s. I enjoy that exercise, while sitting, driving, walking it’s really good.

    Also i’m starting my own site for bodybuilding any tips or advices for my beginning would be apreciated a lot.


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