Active Recovery: What you can do on your post-lifting 'rest' days

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So, what do you do on an off day from lifting? Do you take a full, 24 hours of complete rest? Would it be a fair to say you are completely sedentary on your post-lifting rest days? And most importantly, what should you be doing on those non-strength training days?

Here’s a video I shot while in the middle of an post-lifting rest day, with plenty of delayed-onset muscle soreness every step of the way.

Active Recovery: What you can do on your lift-lifting ‘rest’ days

We hiked between 4 and 5 miles to find the river spot, and it was worth it. For me, going to the park is not a workout, it’s not training, and it’s definitely NOT exercise. It’s just fun recreation, as much as I hate that term. If you’re not taking advantage of your off days, then you may find you have even more incentive and TIME to exercise than you thought.

Do your health and well-being a favor and take some time to have fun when you don’t have a scheduled workout. Take that fun outdoors, if possible. A little sunshine and fresh air is the best medicine there is.

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  1. Great video and great advice, your dog cracks me up. Great advice for people to just get out of the house and do something. What’s the point of being in shape if you just sit around the house?

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