Adjustable Kettlebells VS Standard Kettlebells

UPDATE: Check out my new complete kettlebell review, where I showcase some of the best kettlebells from all of the top brands: 14 Kettlebells Compared: The Complete Kettlebell Review.

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Adjustable Kettlebells Are Bad!

Adjustable kettlebells seem like a clever idea, but I doubt that anyone on earth would actually enjoy using such an awful invention after my experience with them. Kettlebell handles certainly fill a niche need, but there are definitely some disadvantages that should not go overlooked.

Several years ago, a friend of mine gave me one of his Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handles. He had just invested in some standard kettlebells of his own, and was happy to get rid of that old, clanky kettlebell handle. It was his loss and my gain, or something like that, and I appreciated the gift. Although, over the next few months, I learned exactly why he was so eager to get rid of it.

In a word, adjustable kettlebells are simply awkward. In two words, they’re awkward and cheap – not to mention flimsy, inefficient, uncomfortable and even dangerous to an extent. For the most part, I don’t recommend adjustable kettlebells or any type of kettlebell handle at all, and I hope you never have to use one for weeks or months like I did. That said, it’s important to be fair and offer both the advantages and disadvantages of each training tool. So, I put together this product review to explain exactly why I don’t like adjustable kettlebells, and why you probably wouldn’t either. If you’ve been thinking about getting an adjustable kettlebell, you might think twice after you see this review.

Adjustable Kettlebells VS Standard Kettlebells – Video Review

*Please note: the adjustable kettlebell featured in the above video is not actually an authentic Kettlestack – it is a replicated version.

Even though, both standard grade (iron) kettlebells and pro-grade (steel) kettlebells are lightyears ahead of any type of adjustable kettlebell, I only fully endorse and recommend professional-grade kettlebells. If you’d like to know why these are the best type of kettlebell, then please read my First Time Kettlebell Buyer’s Guide below.


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The Bottom Line

Adjustable kettlebells seem like a great way to save money, but this is the grand deception. While it might not cost that much money, you’ll be paying for it with endless frustration every time you use them. I seriously can’t imagine anyone using this tool for any length of time. Heck, I bet the inventors’ themselves don’t even use them outside of promotional purposes (speculation, I know). Regardless, the next time you think about buying an adjustable kettlebell, do yourself a favor and don’t.

Honestly, you’d be much better served with a single, well-chosen kettlebell. If you do some market research of your own before you make your decision, you can select a weight that will last a lifetime (challenging enough right now, but a weight that you’ll never truly outgrow). It can save you a little bit of money in the short term, and a lot of frustration down the road. You can get a big head start in your research by downloading and reading my kettlebell buyers guide (100% free).

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P.S. Click here to find out why I only recommend and fully endorse pro-grade (steel) kettlebells instead of standard-grade (iron) kettlebells.

Which kettlebells do I recommend?

Good question! My top two choices are the competition kettlebells from Kettlebells USA and Kettlebell Kings. Both companies offer excellent choices at great prices. But there are a lot of other good options out there, too. So, feel free to check out my new complete kettlebell review, where I showcase some of the best kettlebells from all of the top brands: 14 Kettlebells Compared: The Complete Kettlebell Review.

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