Best Physical Living Bloggers to Watch in 2010

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I want to take this opportunity to recognize some fellow physical living experts and aficionados whom I respect as a way of saying thanks for putting in the effort to publish valuable information on the Internet.

Best Physical Living Bloggers to Watch in 2010:

I take endorsements very seriously. These are people whom I trust to bring excellent information again and again. They have a good standing among their peers and are trusted sources of reliable and useful knowledge. Most importantly, I like them!

note: please see the Terms of Use if you have questions about the terms of these endorsements

Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock,  the Bodyweight and CST Clubbell Coaches – These guys are quickly becoming some of the world’s top go-to coaches for bare-bones strength and conditioning. They specialize in minimal equipment options for health-first fitness and athletic conditioning. I interviewed Adam about CST here and about bodyweight training here, and I interviewed Ryan about bodyweight training and other interesting things here. You can find information about them at these sites:,

Chris from Conditioning Research – Chris is probably the most unbiased physical living publishers I know, and he blogs about practically everything related to a healthy lifestyle. His updates are timely, relevant, and allow the reader to make up their own mind about the information being presented. I visit his site when I want to know what the latest is in health and fitness. Chris’ website is here:

Mehdi of Strong Lifts – Strong Lifts is an excellent resource for beginner and intermediate level strength training information. It’s simple, concise, and gets right to the most important information – no beating around the bush. If there’s something you’d like to know about strength training that isn’t answered in my archives, visit Strong Lifts. There are mountains of resources available at Mehdi’s website here:

Scott Sonnon the FlowCoach – Scott is a revolutionary in the fitness community and his site is chock-full of the latest advances in fitness that have blended ancient wisdom with modern science to produce some of the most effective training practices. Scott is also the creator of the Circular Strength Training system, which is what I believe to be the most comprehensive fitness system ever devised. There’s a lot more I could talk about with Scott, but suffice to say that his work is absolutely worth looking into. I interviewed Scott about CST here and here. His websites are:,

Tom Venuto from Burn The Fat – Tom is not only my friend and colleague, he’s also one of the worlds leading authorities on nutrition and fat loss. He’s also probably the most famous of the above bunch because he’s very good at what he teaches and practices, and many are taking notice. If you want to learn a TON about nutrition, or if you are interested in fat loss or other body composition related goals, then definitely look him up. I conducted a fantastic interview with Tom here. His websites are:,,

Other blogs I enjoy reading from time to time:

Consider this list my selection of honorable mentions. There’s a wide range of people represented here from top bloggers, to well-qualified professionals, to folks just like you and me who want to make a difference in this world. Each has a unique direction for their web presence, and each one was included in this list for an even more unique reason.

Alwyn Cosgrove – good fat loss and training info from one of the worlds top fat loss coaches.

Damien Tougas of AdventureInProgress – Damien is a friend of mine who has a website about family adventure, minimalist footwear, and other cool topics. We need more men like Damien Tougas in the world.

Erwan Le Corre of MovNat – Erwan teaches natural movement to help “zoo humans” escape the zoo of contemporary living. I had the pleasure of attending one of his 5 day MovNat clinics in 2009 and am now in an advisory position for his company. He has an upcoming book about natural movement and will be sharing his philosophy at large in the USA.

Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal – Frank is a fun loving guy who loves movement and incorporating play into fitness. I interviewed Frank here.

Jim ‘Smitty’ Smith of Diesel Crew – cutting-edge, hardcore strength training info that comes with a well-balanced perspective.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits – this is a good site for lifestyle design strategies to help us get what we want out of life – the motto is “simple productivity.”

Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple – Mark is a great writer and brings very important subjects into the spotlight on his blog. Do be careful though, there are a lot of people at his site who are drunk on the primal kool-ade… :)

Matt Metzgar – Much like Chris’s website above, this is a good blog about all things health and fitness, and then some.

Ross Enamait of RossTraining – hardcore training site that I visit for do-it-yourself training ideas – including improvised and homemade training equipment.

Son of Grok – he hasn’t posted in awhile, but when he does it’s always good to know info – check out his bacon poppers recipe!

Tara Wood of WildFitness Wonderations – good site about primal, playful fitness and the natural movement lifestyle.

Website that I’m most excited about for 2010:

Well, apart from, I’m most excited about…

TAC-FIT Commando – This is a secret project that has been under the radar for awhile and is VERY CLOSE to being released (I think we’re about 2 weeks away). I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you that this will likely be the top bodyweight exercise programs I will have ever endorsed. This cutting-edge training program has been under development by Scott Sonnon, Ryan Murdock, and Adam Steer and it’s going to revolutionize the bodyweight training industry when it’s released. You’ll definitely be hearing about this as soon as the information is cleared for publication. So, keep your eyes peeled for TAC-FIT Commando. The website is http://www.???????.com

So, take some time to peruse the above sites, and please share your suggestions for who you think should be on this list, and most importantly, WHY.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional

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  1. I am honored to have made it on your list. Thanks for the kind words!

    • My pleasure, Damien. I hope it brings you some traffic. You’ve got a great website with a unique twist on a worthy mission.

  2. Thanks for the kind and generous words John. I value your opinion very highly and it is humbling to have you recommend the blog like that.

    Your other picks are great too. Matt Metzgar is under appreciated.

    Thanks again


    • You’re very welcome, Chris.

      PS – Matt definitely has some great stuff, too.

  3. Kevin Lee Dougherty

    Hey, great blog John. I’m impressed. As for Tacfit Commando, I’ve been excited myself for what I know will be a most wonderful project (are you kidding, with Sonnon, Murdock and Steer behind it. That’s a lot of weighted talent!). I’ve enjoyed watching your development, too, as a well-rounded healthy athlete. Great work!

  4. Thanks Kevin!

  5. Chip Conrads Blog is usually a good read

    Hey where can I get that Primal Kool-Aide recipe? Does it involve animal bood:))


    • No, I think it’s equal parts of almond milk, bacon fat, and coconut oil simmered in a crock pot until room temperature. We must not forget to draw on our modern luxuries :)

      Also, drinking of the primal kool-aide must be followed by a ceremonious AWOOOOOOGA!!!

  6. Great list John. It reflects your interests well, and creates a community that you’re at the center of. We need more “hubs” in this world. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Josh – we could definitely use more hubs. So many great things are already happening in the world, and sometimes all it takes is the knowledge of its existence to get people excited.

  7. Thanks John for my new bookmarks!

    Here are some of my favorites that didn’t make it on your list: (mostly anti-aging) (very thorough and scientific) (great tips – and frequent too) (simple and to-the-point approach)

    Maybe I will start my own one day.

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