Body Transformation with CST and Clubbell Training: Day 11 – watch John Sifferman transform his body with clubbells

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Day 11 – High Intensity Day (12/16/08)

Today’s session got squeezed in at the end of the day (it’s 10pm now).

I did a pyramid (aka ladder workout) of clockwork squats with the Bruiser (45 lb clubbell) 15-60 seconds of rest between sets:

2 repetitions with the left grip, 2 repetitions with the right grip
4, 4
6, 6
8, 8
10, 10
8, 8
6, 6
4, 4
2, 2

That’s 100 repetitions total – 50 clockwork squats with left grip, 50 clockwork squats with right grip

RPTED 8-7, 7, 2

Notes: technique dropped off a little bit towards the end, and I had some mild discomfort in my knees. Overall, it was a good session. I worked hard, and broke a good sweat. My limiting factor was my grip (as is usual with higher repetition clubbell training). The clubbell likes to slide down my grip as I’m in the “side clean” portion of the clockwork squat – causing the onset of poor form. I think this will be a good session to repeat in the future, and try to improve my technique rating.

I’m going to eat and chill out with some yoga before bed.


Pre-bed yoga:
Forest Flow, and
Flock of Pigeons Flow from Prasara Yoga Instructional DVD
Full Body Vibration drill for 60 seconds.
Corpse pose – 5 minutes

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

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