Body Transformation with CST and Clubbell Training: Days 5-9 watch John Sifferman transform his body with Clubbells and CST

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Day 5 – No intensity Day (12/10/08)

Afternoon full body Intu-Flow joint mobility session – followed along with the DVD, advanced program.
RPTED 9 1 2

Notes: mild lower back discomfort

Day 6 – low intensity day (12/11/08)

Power outage at house, didn’t do Ageless Mobility session as planned. Instead, did Intu-Flow joint mobility session from memory.
RPTED 9 1 1

30 minute walk in the afternoon.

Day 7 – Off day (12/12/08)

The day was spent preparing for continued power outage – collecting food, water,. No formal training. I did some quick joint mobility exercises throughout the day to abate tension.

Day 8 (12/13/08)

More craziness – did some pullups, pushups, and joint mobility throughout the day, but again – nothing formal.

Day 9 (12/14/08)

Power restored, life back to semi-normal – restart formal training sessions.
Intu-Flow joint mobility session to “clean the slate” and prepare for the upcoming training week.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

P.S. Anyone else have power outages this past weekend? Much of NH is still out, we’re lucky to have power again. I also heard that Montana got hit pretty hard, too.

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