5 Beginner-Level Bridge Exercise Progressions

How to Work Up to the Full Bridge Exercise Gradually and Safely (Even if You’re Not a Flexible Yoga Gal) The bridge exercise is useful for building strength and flexibility of the back and spine, among many other things. Unfortunately, … Continued

5 Simple Exercises to Reverse the Damage from Sitting in Only 5 Minutes a Day

5 Unconventional Exercises to Counter-Act the Negative Effects of Excessive Sitting and Get Un-chair Shaped (a Simple, Step-by-Step Exercise Routine for all Skill Levels) Note: This week, I’m hosting a series where I will be publishing one post each day … Continued

The Complete Six Degree Flow Review – First Impressions

Scott Sonnon’s new Six Degree Flow program is a comprehensive, plug-and-play, bodyweight training system that will help you burn stubborn body fat, build functional muscle, heal aches and pains, prevent injuries, and improve your fitness using a variety of unconventional … Continued

Exploring Tactical Gymnastics (TACGYM) During a BodyFlow Practice Session

Tactical Gymnastics (TACGYM) is an upcoming fitness program that applies gymnastics-based movement skills for tactical applications. It is scheduled to be released by RMAX International in the next few weeks. I don’t know much about the program yet, but for … Continued

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