Crazy Strength Video: watch these "real world strength" circus performers display true strength with bodies like chiseled stone

It took me a LONG time to find this video today – I watched this several months ago and was just reminded of it this morning. After digging through some archives in my internet browsers history, I finally found it. I think this is a cirque du soleil performance, but I’m not sure. Regardless, I have yet to find someone whose jaw does not drop wide open when watching this. So, for your viewing pleasure before the weekend… a 6 minute video of beautiful human performance.

Crazy Strength

Oh my gosh, I get goosebumps every time I watch that.

I think the physiques displayed are fine representatives of what a truly strong and healthy body looks like – much like the old Greek ideal that you can see in their art. I’m hoping that with the wellness revolution en route, we’ll see physiques like this representing more of the ideal – rather than big, bulbous, barrages of biomass.

Your Question of the Day is: How would you rate the physiques, aesthetically, of those performers on a scale of 1-10? Please click here and explain your answer.

Be strong. Be well.

To your health and success,

P.S. Have a GREAT weekend!

3 Responses

  1. OMG!!!!

    That was awesome!

    Thoroughly impressive strength, balance, and flexibility levels.

    Something to aspire to!

    They also looked great and I would rate their physiques at 10’s.

    Thanks for sharing that video buddy,

    Kyle Battis

  2. No problem Kyle, glad you enjoyed it. I would also rate their physiques at 10.

  3. That was an awesome video. And yes, my mouth did drop open a few times. As far as their physiques – a 10+, so well portioned.

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