TACFIT Commando Session Practice

TACFIT is a tactical fitness program based on the Circular Strength Training system. So, if you’re familiar with CST, you’ll recognize the ingenuity behind TACFIT Commando. I have used TACFIT Commando myself, and can vouch for its effectiveness. It’s a circuit training program that can be applied to a variety of training goals. It was created to fulfill the fitness demands of military, law enforcement, firefighting, and other agencies where fitness is a necessity. I also understand that there are different divisions of TACFIT, and this session is from the Commando division, which is bodyweight-only.

The training protocol for the following workout is…

Each minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes; finish 20 rounds in 20 minutes of:

* 6 Quad Hops to Flat Foot Squat
* 6 Knee Drop Spinal Rocks to Butterfly
* 6/6 Springing Tripods
* 6/6 Swinging Planks. *Note, I only did 3/3 in my video

TACFIT Commando Session Practice

One of the main reasons why Circular Strength Training and the TACFIT protocol resonates so well with me is because of the scalability built-into the entire system. Not only are the exercises scalable, which helps dramatically with learning, but the actual sessions are scalable, too.

Most fitness programs out there are 100% scalable, but it’s not built-into the curriculum. Coaches and trainee’s are required to scale their own programs because there is no official standard of what is beginner level versus advanced level, or anything in-between.

That’s really what makes TACFIT different. There is no guesswork involved. You follow the formula at the level you can manage, without having to figure out if you’re doing the training that is right for you.

Using TACFIT as-is, is the closest thing to an individualized program that you can get without having to play around with training variables, or hiring a coach to do it for you. It works very well for its intended purpose, right out of the box. If you’re looking for well-rounded functional fitness, then I strongly recommend the TACFIT program. You’ll be hearing a lot more about it on Physical Living after the New Year.

Read my review here:

TACFIT Commando Review

Or get your product-related questions answered at the official FAQ here:


To your health and success,

Fitness Professional

P.S. For more info about TACFIT Commando, check out the full review on this page:


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  1. John,

    I have stumbled upon your name and site and the past a few times. This probably is my first time responding. Great job on the site! Great pictures and nice, peaceful looks.

    And the tacfit exercise routine you show: I tried the exercises, but I was really surprised by their difficulty. I didn’t expect that… But you make them seem so easy. Really ‘bouncy’. I will practice some more.



  2. Hi Pieter,

    Thanks for your comment and the kind words.

    Yes, I’m pretty sure the routine above is made up of advanced level exercises, and there are simpler version of each one. The “bounciness” comes from years of practice and specific conditioning through CST. It’s not an attribute, but a skill. When practicing, think of using elastic energy more than muscular control.



  3. Hi John,

    Your like a warrior, good stuff.

    I am very interested in learning these exercises, however, don’t see these drills in the TACFIT program itself, what additional instrucional DVDs from RMAX do you need for TACFIT?

    Thank you

  4. Hi Stuart,

    I’m pretty sure the above exercises are part of a new TACFIT program that has not yet been released. I’ll be bringing more information after the New Year.



  5. Hi John,

    It would be a nice addition, look forward to seing it on the forum, TACFIT needs instructions and cues to fully implement the system.



  6. Yo!

    I like the moves! But why is Scott using a yoga mat in the outdoor demo scenes?! Doesn’t seem very tactical!

    • haha, don’t ever leave home without one, especially for special ops :-)

      I’m sure it’s just for filming purposes, to make sure he stays within the correct frame of the camera.

  7. hahaha! Good point, hadn’t thought of that!

  8. You have a link to get a free workout program but it just wants to sell me the full package for $137.

    • Hi Nate,

      The free workout is no longer available at this time. It was part of a pre-launch incentive for the whole TACFIT Commando program. I’ll see what I can do to get you a copy, but I can’t promise anything since it was a time-sensitive offer.

  9. hi john…
    i have been trying out the israeli special forces sample workout…
    but i wanted 2 ask you was have you tried the full deluxe edition package what is it all about

  10. thank you john…
    but what i actually wanted to know about it was are the exercices easy for a beginner also….???
    is the deluxe edition worth the actual price…
    i hav tried turbulence training that is why i am askin

  11. hey john
    jus 1 more question….
    do both the editions of tacfit commando hav a prasara cooldown method and all….

  12. Hi Joe,

    I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions right away. Apparently, my email thought the “new blog comment” notifications were spam for the past month.

    Anyways, the exercises are easy enough for beginners, yes. If you’ve been cleared for exercise by your doctor, then the recruit level exercises should be doable by anyone. If there’s a particular exercise that is too challenging for you, then there are always ways to scale it down, which is part of the TACFIT protocol. You can either ask me or the TACFIT team for assistance if you’re having trouble. It’s a hardcore program, but it’s also meant for beginners and experts alike.

    The Deluxe Edition IS worth the actual price if you’d like follow-along videos for each workout. This is essentially what you’re paying for. If you won’t use then (I don’t), then don’t bother with the extra expense.

    And yes, both the basic and deluxe edition contain both the Intu-Flow warmup and the Prasara Cooldown.

    Any more questions, let me know, or see the FAQ post here:


    Best regards,


  13. John, Great instruction I have stumbled on your blog through RMAX forums and have been reading ever since. I am really inspired on your outlook on fitness for life. This is how I have recently started looking at fitness so its really nice to see a blog that reflects that. I have a slight tweak in my back that comes after training with weight and I think it has a lot to do with core strength and awareness of tightening my core during movements. That being said I decided to take my training back to body weight and found Tacfit Commando. I will be starting my training as of tomorrow with my low intensity day. I will be following your blog keep up the good work! Congratulations on the baby I am sure all the baby shower gifts taking over your house will be worth it ;).

    Sorry about the second post I wanted it to notify me when you respond. If you reply please reply to this one.

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for the kind words and for introducing yourself, and good luck with TACFIT Commando – you’ll love it!

  14. Hi John, My son just turned 14 but is 21olbs and 6ft….and growing. lol
    He is very active in sport…soccer, football, tennis, golf, snowboarding, dirtbiking, and LaCrosse. He injured his ankles repeatedly a few years back and it still bothers him. Would this program a good fit for a teenager who is still growing? Any other recommendations? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Teenage athletes face more than one issue when it comes to health-first training. They usually don’t get enough sleep, they are sedentary all day at school, and they usually don’t eat very well. So, there are a lot of things competing for their health, and it’s hard to say if throwing in an intense fitness program is the right choice.

      TACFIT Commando is a very intense conditioning program, and I would not recommend it for teenage athletes during their sports seasons. It may be ok during the off-season when his overall physical activity is less. If you do choose to get it for him, I would make sure he understands that he needs to follow the entire program, with special emphasis on the warmups, cooldowns, and “off-day” sessions. It’s more important for him to recover from the sessions than actually push to his max during the work portion of each session. Apart from that, there are a lot of other great programs out there that I could recommend based on what you’re looking for.

      Whatever your choice, if you do decide to invest in a CST program, be sure to have him signup for an account at the RMAXInternational.com forums to get personalized help from the CST Coaching Staff.

  15. wendy grieshop

    after I buy and download tacfit commando 1.0 then can I copy it onto a dvd?Why dont you have dvds?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Yes, the files are easily copied onto a DVD, and the new TACFIT Commando 2.0 is actually formatted for this even better than the original version.

      I’m pretty sure that the TACFIT team chose not to use DVD’s mainly because shipping physical products is much more tedious and costly. With a digital product, anyone in the world can get their copy immediately. This is especially important for some of our armed forces, who cannot receive physical mail for weeks, months, or not at all.

  16. HI John,

    I have a sport activity, badminton, which is a daily necessity. I plan to take it to the next level as I gradually improve my fitness with TC routine. My question is – will playing daily for 2 hours in the evening impede my recovery as is made compulsory in TC? And how can I structure the training program of the sports with TC? PLease advise.


    • Hi Srini,

      It may interfere with your recovery, but that’s hard to say since recovery is based on so many different factors (training experience, conditioning level, sleep quality, etc.).

      If you’re playing badminton every evening, then I’d suggest doing your TC training in the morning, so you have most of the day to recover. I’d also recommend extra emphasis on the recovery aspects of TC – the joint mobility and prasara yoga. You may find that following the 4X7 routine too strenuous since you’re playing daily. In that case, it would probably be best to limit the training volume of your TC work.

      Just remember that training is meant to support your lifestyle, and help you reach YOUR goals. If the TC routine isn’t working for you as-is, then you should be open to changing a few things about it until it does work.

  17. John,

    Thanks a ton for replying. I have to say, no one has replied to all the questions that I put up after I bought the tacfit commando. And I am grateful you did. Thanks again.

    I have set my priorities right and have decided to first get TACFIT fit and then using the body for any other endeavour. Body has to be first in prime shape before using it for anything. Next 240 odd days are entirely going to be dedicated to TACFIT and playing badminton will be on the Mod and HI days.

    You brought up the fact that recovery is relative. Is it? Is it the 48 hours time to be given to the body or is it based on each individual’s capacity – if so, am I the only judge on what is my recovery rate and will I be risking injury and fatigue in the long run? I am not competent to take that risk and hence will follow exactly what the doctor Scott ordered. Obedience is one of my few strengths and I will go precisely as lettered down.

    Please be available if any doubt demons revisit me. I will contact you here itself.

  18. Hi John,

    Sorry to pick your brain again. But settling down is not easy. I started the tacfit program for 2 weeks in recruit level am into the third week and feel the exercise for just 3 days a week is much less for my appetite and the perfection in repetitions. I am craving for maybe 5 days a week like this,

    Mon- All 18 warm ups – Recruit Program 1 MOD 6*8 – All 18 Cool Downs.
    Tue- All 18 warm ups – Recruit Program 1 HI 6*8 – All 18 Cool Downs.
    Wed- All 18 warm ups – Recruit Program 1 MOD 6*8 – All 18 Cool Downs Thu- All 18 warm ups – Recruit Program 1 HI 6*8 – All 18 Cool Downs.
    Fri- All 18 warm ups – Recruit Program 1 MOD 6*8 – All 18 Cool Downs.
    Sat- All 18 warm ups – All 18 Cool Downs.Play for 2 hours in evening.
    Sun- All 18 warm ups – All 18 Cool Downs.Play for 2 hours in evening.

    And have the same schedule as I progress from one level to another.

    I am changing job and have 3 months free time. Even in my next job I will ensure I have ample time everyday for my fitness. I am an endomorph type body and relish daily exercise. But Tabata has fenced me from doing that, for good reason too. I am just asking experts like you so I can find MY balance and continue with total focus and not be distracted by analysis – paralysis.

    As my interest and calling takes me seeking, I have known that even beginner martial artists,in whatever size or shape- e.g. shaolin trainees for 6 months or 1 year from overseas – train for 5 hours a day 6 days a week. Certainly it can’t all be static stretching for 5 hours. It would include hi intensity routines daily as well.Maybe they rest and recover the balance hours. Why are they not affected by the myofascial matrix break down? Since tacfit’s basis is also martial arts, why do we alone need so much rest for muscle?

    Please advise how to go.


  19. Hi John,

    Dont reply. I simultaneously put up the question to Scott on facebook. He immediately asked me to shut up and just do what the program says. I am back to the workbook.


  20. HI John,

    Trust all is well with you.PLease help with the following:-

    1.What shoes are best for tacfit commando workout – please suggest models from Nike,Adidas, Puma or Reebok ONLY.
    2.I have a problem with sinus and am susceptible to cold. Is there any food or practice that will keep cold at bay forever. I detest cold as it disrupts everything.

    • Hi Srini,

      I think barefoot is best when doing TACFIT Commando, and most other workouts. If you must wear shoes, Puma makes some thin-soled, flexible shoes with low heels that I like. Vibram FiveFingers and other minimalist footwear are not a bad choice if they fit well.

      As to avoiding the common cold, I don’t have any special tricks or tips, just common sense suggestions like washing your hands regularly, drinking plenty of water, eating a wholesome diet rich in natural foods and especially vegetables, and spending ample time outdoors.

  21. Hi John,

    Thanks for the info. Had some problems with the PC and formatted. Will go barefoot except for the front lunge jumps and leaps till I reduce some weight. Cold can’t be wished away so I will just stop giving it thought energy.Just added lime to the diet to get the daily vit c for combatting the cold.

    I am following the Tacfit 4 day diet template. I read in one of Scott’s replies on a forum that he has done the template for both the vegetarians and the meatarianas. I need the vegetarian template ( I am looking for veg. substitutes for eggs, salmon and turkey). Is it possible for you to help me get the veg plan?


  22. hi john .hav been goiun through ur site nd tacfit. also tried the tacfit challenge.was really impressed.can u clarify which is better tacfit or tacfit commando.can both b done simultaneously on same day and time.are the 26 programs to b finished in26 days.how can commando b combined with conventional workouts.

    • Hi Ash,

      Neither program is better, just different. The main difference is that TACFIT includes a lot of equipment-based exercises and several different training protocols. TACFIT Commando is bodyweight-only (no equipment required), and uses Tabata HIIT as the main protocol. Both were created for tactical fitness.

      The programs are designed to be done independently, but you could write up a program that incorporates elements of each.

      For your other questions, see the FAQ Page here:


  23. thanks John . lookin forward to tacfit

  24. John I hav been into hiit >40mins for d last 6-8 yrs and supplement it with my strength workouts.however people never recommend hiit more than 30-40 mins.but the truth is that i loved the tacfit challenge and the frame of exercises. still will it b good to buy both commando and tacfit and go hiit for an hour or so by combining both because as u mentioned in ur faqs that there is lack of some exercises like pullups in commando.also the 4X 7 schedule looks good.

  25. How much kcal does the main workout burn on the average?

    • That’s too hard to say for sure – too many factors to consider. If you want to estimate, your best bet is to wear a heart rate monitor while you’re training.

  26. How are you John? I am slowly shaping up.

  27. Hello John.

    I stumbled upon your site when looking up barefoot running, and noticed your review of TACFIT, I had received info on that program from another site and was wondering about it as I was looking for a good body weight program.

    As I liked your other writing and ideas I went ahead and ordered. I like the program a lot so far, but was wondering if you could give a hand. I’ve been trying to contact them concerning my order (started with the standard package, but was prompted with a sale on the added deluxe contents during the order process, which seemed a pretty good deal so I went for it. I never received the additional contents, even though I have a paypal receipt -actually two, one for the standard, and then one for the deluxe contents). I’ve tried repeatedly to write to them using their info contact address on their site but to no avail. Do you have another address you could send me where you know they would read and respond to my mail?

    I realize this is not your business nor your responsability, it was just in case you had a better email address than the one on their site

    Thanks a million, hope the barefoot is going well. I really enjoy it, looking for a decent minimal shoe though as there are lots of pebbles and stuff where I run, and fall is rainy and cold here


    • Hey Scott,

      Sorry to hear that. I send you an email with a couple of other addresses you can try. Check out a site by a friend of mine called Adventure in Progress. Damien Tougas has a lot of great info on minimalist footwear.

  28. John, have you tried P90X? What do you think about this program? Thanks.

    • Hi Tom,

      Good question, and one that should probably merit an entire written review, but I’ll give you my quick initial thoughts. I have NOT used the program, but I have reviewed the materials and I know several people who have used it with success (usually losing weight in the form of bodyfat, and maintaining or building muscle).

      The reason I can’t endorse it is because it’s a physique-first program, and while it does have some recovery-based training strategies, they are just generalized and not specific to the program or the individual needs of each user. Each persons experience will vary, but if you follow the P90X program as-is, then you will very likely get injured directly from using it. It’s only a matter of time, and the duration will be dependent on the individual.

      So, in essence, while you’re burning fat and building muscle, you’ll also be slowly wearing away at your joints and connective tissues. This is not so much a flaw in the P90X programming, but rather the nature of physique-first training.

      On the other hand, if you use a health-first fitness program from a system like Circular Strength training, such as TACFIT Commando above, then you’ll build an impressive physique without hurting yourself, because health comes before everything else in the CST system training hierarchy:

      1 Health
      2 Mobility
      3 Functionality
      4 Attributes (strength, endurance, etc.)
      5 Physique

      Remember that an attractive physique comes as a by-product from training with health, mobility, functionality, and attributes in mind.

  29. John, thank you for the quick response. I am now getting curious about TACFIT. I did some research on youtube to see what the program is like, and realized that it requires quite a few equipments. Also, this may sound silly, but my apartment is on the third floor, and I am afraid that I will bother other tenants living on the second floor by jumping up and down during the exercises. Your advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much John!

    • Tom,

      Yes, the original TACFIT program requires some equipment, and can be quite the investment if you have to buy it all at once. That’s why TACFIT Commando was created. It’s the equipment-free version of TACFIT.

      I hear you on the apartment thing – been there myself. All I can say is communication is your best ally. If you just tell the tenants below you that you’re trying a new exercise program, and will be banging around upstairs for about 30 minutes at a time, I’m sure they’ll understand. Just make sure you’re not training at 10pm every night :-)

  30. John,
    Thank you so much for the advise. You totally gain my respect and trust now. Please be my mentor! :-) Hope you have a wonderful day John!

  31. John,
    TacFit is the most ridiculously awesome program I have ever done!! It has changed my life. I was turning 30 this passed summer and needed a “break” from my normal 4-5 day a week at the gym lifting due to some nagging injuries. My brother suggested TacFit so I could stay active during my down time. I am now so addicted and committed to TacFit I didn’t renew my gym membership this passed October. I am in the best shape of my life. There is a new “Muscle Assault” program out for TacFit for adding muscle mass. Do you know if I can use this program at the same time as my Commando? Or do they suggest you complete one of the
    programs before starting another? Any info would be great!! GREAT SITE!!

    • Glad to hear it, Scott, and thanks for the kind words.

      Yes, you can combine the Mass Assault program with TACFIT Commando. Do the Mass Assault workouts on your moderate intensity day (Day 3 of the 4×7 wave protocol). The TACFIT Commando workouts should be done on your high intensity day (day 4).

      • What if the joint mobility and cool down schedules were to differ.

        • Vince,

          I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here, but I’ll do my best to answer.

          With all TACFIT programs, each warmup and cooldown routine is designed specifically for the workouts they’re being used with. So, while there would be some benefits to doing ANY of those exercises, it would be best to use the ones that were meant for each workout.

          • If I were to do both mass assault and commando, then maybe I should do both joint mobility programs from both assault and commando right?

  32. John: I’m on my last Commando Mission and it’s a great program, but don’t want it to end. Are there any more Tacfit missions coming out or would you just rotate the 3 Commando missions each month?

    Thank you!!

  33. snapdragon

    Hmm, the program looks good, but the sample workout looks like it might be taxing on the lower back. I heard it’s not a good idea to force your lumbar spine region into a curly position (and it is a bit curled in all moves). Thoughts?

  34. When I originally commented I seem to have clicked on the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is
    added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment. Is there an easy
    method you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

    My web page – seo (Brandy)

    • Hi Brandy,

      I tried emailing you earlier this morning, but the email just bounced back. Here is what I wrote to you:

      Thanks for your question, and sorry for the inconvenience. I’m not sure why it would send you four identical emails. I’ll ask around to see if others are experiencing the same problem.

      In those emails, there should be an option (ie a link) to “unsubscribe” or otherwise remove yourself from the notification system. If you have trouble finding the link, just let me know – happy to help. And again, sorry for the inconvenience – not my intention to clog up your inbox!

      Best regards,


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