Exclusive Interview with Ryan Murdock: Faculty Coach for the Circular Strength Training System and Travel Writer with More Than a Few Good Stories From the Road

Ryan Murdock traveling in Jordan
Ryan Murdock traveling in Jordan.

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, I’m sure you know that I’m a big proponent of the Circular Strength Training system. Ryan Murdock is on the Faculty, in charge of bringing CST to the world, and he has a revolutionary way of sharing his health-first fitness viewpoints. I guarantee that you’ll learn something new by listening in on this call. Plus, Ryan is a great story-teller, and he’s gives us a glimpse into some of his travel adventures.  Some of the key points we covered include:

– How martial art will change your worldview and set you on the path of personal mastery, preparing you for all of life’s challenges. (also, why CST jives with most martial artists especially)

– Why joint mobility is Ryan’s “daily minimum,” and how he uses it to stay in tip-top shape year round.

– The best bodyweight training methods for achieving your health-first fitness goals at home or on the road.

– Health and Fitness Insights we can learn from visiting indigenous people from obscure places in the world.

– How to kill giant cockroaches that scurry around your hotel room! (one of Ryan’s stories from traveling in Burma with his girlfriend)

Listen to the interview here:

John Sifferman Interviews Ryan Murdock (54 Minutes in Length)

I want to thank Ryan again for doing this interview. It is an honor to learn from someone who carves out his own path in life and sets a fine example for us all. Be sure to check out his sites:


Here are some ways you can get started with CST today:

Clubbell Quick-Start Training Packages can be found halfway down this page (you can find more info about clubbells on the official site here http://clubbell.tv.com)

Prasara Yoga Introductory Package – Book here, Instructional DVD here.

Joint Mobility Training Package (more info about mobility training on my site here)

As always, if you have any questions about what was discussed on the call, how to get started, or about the products themselves, please leave a comment below or use the Contact page above.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and CST Student

P.S. For more information about clubbell training and prasara yoga, I recommend Scott Sonnon’s programs The Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training and his book Prasara Yoga.

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  1. Hello John,

    Ok, a couple of questions:

    – If I were to get started with one thing, which should it be? Intu-Flow, Parasa Yoga, or Clubbells?

    – What size of clubbells should I get? One or two? (I train with weights regularly, and am in fairly good shape.)

  2. Damien,

    I would start with the Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Package. This is the foundational program of CST, and the best way to experience clubbells on a budget. This is how I got started with clubbell training – it even includes a mini-clubbell training program DVD called X-tension which will teach you some exercises and a simple circuit program to put them together.

    If you wanted to buy clubbells for more strength training purposes, then I would recommend a pair of 15’s. This is what athletic males should start with, and they feel a lot heavier than they should due to the displaced center of mass. It’s an investment, but they’ll last a long time. I still use my 15’s primarily.

  3. Thanks for the interview! I really enjoyed it, especially some of the conversation about half way through and then again at the end. Great stuff!

  4. It’s a good idea to make the interviews with the RMax staff available to the internet community. I always enjoy listening to the RMax guys Thanks for the good service. :-)

  5. John, this is really awesome that you started doing these interviews. I’ve listened to them all. I have to say, I especially like the ones with the RMAX Head Coaches. These are absolute gems. The wealth of info in them is astounding and I learn something new every time I come back and listen to them.

    This newest one with Ryan Murdock is no different. Thanks and keep them coming!

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