Finding a Training Partner for Accountability by John Sifferman

I walked over a mile through some freezing wind to bring you this important message today. Enjoy!

Finding a Training Partner for Accountability

If you have weight loss goals, or other body composition goals (like gaining weight, competing in bodybuilding, fitness, or figure competitions), and you want a great source of accountability, then check out the Burn the Fat: Inner Circle. I’m a contributor and forum moderator there, and I can tell you with certainty that it is an accountability haven. It’s overwhelming the amount of social support this community creates. We have many members who have burned the fat off permanently and naturally who are available to help you reach your goals.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Wellness Warrior

P.S. Please post about how you stay accountable by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom.

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  1. Hey John,

    It sure is getting cold here in New Hampshire!!

    Accountability is HUGELY important.

    I stay accountable in many ways.

    1. I have a training partner (you!)

    2. I have an online accountability partner (my friend Suzy) we share results every Friday

    3. I use a Countdown Calender for specific goals so that I can improve my personal accountability

    4. I have mini-contests with my friends (pull-up contests, fat loss contests before a Cruise, etc)

    5. Online forums and communities. I find that posting at the Inner Circle forums and interacting with other like-minded people help me to stay on track towards my goals too.

    Train with purpose,

    Kyle Battis

  2. Those are some killer ideas Kyle!

    To all my readers:

    Kyle is a man of action, and an excellent example for setting and achieving goals. It’s hard for me to keep up with all the things he accomplishes :)

    Look at his list above, and see all of the ways he stays accountable to what he really wants from life. He’s got an entire system outlined for you there. Don’t underestimate the power of accountability!

    Take some notes, and put them to work for you – I guarantee it will help you!

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