Galactic Acid – can it help you get HYUUUUUGE muscles? by John Sifferman

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So, I was going to post a training-related article today, but something came up last minute at my local YMCA today, and I don’t think I could live it down if I didn’t share it with you.

Galactic Acid – can it help you get HYUUGE muscles?

Your Question of the Day is: what other funny gym stories do you have?

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  1. Ha,

    Gotta love some of the stuff you hear in gyms.

    I have heard and SEEN some pretty funny things during my many days hanging around gyms.

    Its amazing what myths get thrown around.

    You know what they say John, “the only cure for Bad information is BETTER information.”

    Keep spreading the good word.

    Kyle Battis

  2. Hey John,

    You should have let them in on the secret… If they also listen to the Beastie Boys Intergalactic while training they will get beyond huge! :)

    But to be fair, there is a grain of truth in their twisted understanding. Lactic acid build-up is pretty well correlated with increase release of Growth Hormone. So training in that “lactic” zone can be a useful tool for both building muscle and losing fat (if you do it right).

    Hilarious story. It’s amazing the things we hear hanging out in gyms isn’t it?


    PS -> I responded in my blog about your Mills video…

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