Home Gym Training with Strength Coaches Kyle Battis and John Sifferman

Home gym training is quickly becoming more popular out of necessity. It seems we are so busy that sometimes it just isn’t possible to make it to the gym. This is when home gym training truly shines, but there are many other reasons other than convenience that home gym training is a perfect fit.

Here is an interview I conducted with Kyle Battis CSCS, NSCA-CPT, all about home gym training. I train with Kyle once a week in his home gym training dungeon. It’s great! No rules, no staff, no corny music – just pure, hardcore training at its finest.

Home Gym Training with Strength Coaches John Sifferman and Kyle Battis (Video length is 9 minutes)

If you don’t have a home gym setup yet, then I really encourage you to start now. All it really takes is a bit of floor space and the right mindset – the rest is just details.

Your Question of the Day is: what’s in your home gym?

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4 Responses

  1. In my home gym, I have:

    pair of 5, 10, and 15 lb clubbells
    single 45 lb clubbell
    300 lb olympic barbell set
    door frame pullup bar
    two adjustable dumbbells
    several hex dumbbells
    several resistance bands
    1 kettlestack with 45 lbs
    2 100 lb heavy bags
    2 kegs
    1 tractor tire for flipping

    and my greatest assets
    indoor floor space
    outdoor ground space
    fresh air
    good music
    and food only a moment away

  2. I’m in my basement. I’ve got two kettlebells, Lifeline stretch bands, one set of adjustable dumbbells, and a stability ball.

    what i don’t have, and it looks the same in your video, is overhead space. The basement ceiling is too low–it makes it kind of tricky to do overhead presses (need to stand in between the beams). Makes it impossible to get a power tower for pullups.

    I’m wondering whether Kyle solved this problem in any unique ways . . .

  3. Nice setup, Derek. A pair of KB’s and some bands can go a long way. Kyle’s power rack just barely fits in his basement, and it has a pullup bar attached. It’s the same thing though, my head travels between the beams every rep. There’s not too much height.

    It is possible to hang a pullup bar from the rafters, but depending on your height – this means that you will always have to keep your feet up and your knees crossed during reps. It can be done though. If this interests you, I can take a picture of such a bar (it’s homemade).

  4. yeah, i’ve toyed with attaching a length of pipe to the rafters for pullups, but am a bit ambivalent about pulling my head through the rafters. I don’t want to bash myself if I get going to hard without paying attention!

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