How A New Perspective Saved Me From Habitual Failure

The Little-Known Secret To Perseverance That Anyone Can Learn Overnight

I’d like to start a discussion about a serious subject if you’re game for it, and it’s gonna get a little personal if that’s ok with you. You see, all my life, I’ve been a rigorous planner. At face value, that sounds like a good thing, and it is. But here’s the thing: being a planner is not only one of my greatest assets, but also one of my greatest stumbling blocks. It’s like my Achilles Heel.

failYou see, I’m the guy who sets very specific, well-thought out goals, and then comes up with an elaborate master plan to achieve them. I’ve been like this, in some form or another, since I was a kid. You should see some of the training programs I’ve written for myself and my clients over the years. I’m just the type of person who covers all the bases beforehand. So, my problem has never been the planning. My problem has been when it comes down to decision making time, and it seemed like I would always screw up when I had to actually make the choice – even though I always knew exactly what needed to be done. All the planning in the world couldn’t seem to help my problem of not taking action and just doing the work when it needed to be done.

So, today, I’m going to open up and share about how I’ve leveraged a unique perspective to overcome this challenge I’ve faced all my life. Nowadays, when I’m faced with a hard choice, and the possibility of failure in the heat of the moment, I’m much more likely to succeed when I apply this simple mental tactic, and I bet it’ll work well for you, too.

This is arguably one of the most ignored elements of success, but I’ve found it to be absolutely essential. I’d even go so far to say that without this critical element, it is extremely unlikely that you will be successful in your fitness program, or in any endeavor for that matter. It’s just one of the fundamental steps that needs to be taken in order to succeed again and again.

The simple truth is that it’s not enough to only know WHAT you want and HOW to get it. Even the best goals, and plans of action to achieve those goals can be completely derailed when it comes down to the moment of decision. Everything can come unhinged when it’s time to make a choice. But there’s a secret to overcoming that hurdle and making the hard, right choice, instead of the easy, wrong one. And yet, nobody seems to talk about this one, which is why I wanted to open up a discussion about it here.

So, I’ll go first…


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  1. John (aka Wish I Were Riding)

    I’m super embarrassed to admit it, but I prefer more succinct bits of info. It would have also been good to put your “perspective” into words. I didn’t make it through the video, because I’m supposed to be working. Even still, I like your site and content more than most, which is why I’m subscribed. ;-)

  2. This is your best video yet. I learned a lot and won’t forget your message that fast. Will try my best to become a better man and live the life I actually want to live.
    Thank you and please don’t stop doing what you’re doing!
    Greetings from Germany

  3. I know this is horrible of me but: TL;DW. Can someone sum up what he had to say?

  4. John:
    Well were to begin…….
    First thanks for sharing yourself in such an authentic way. I felt I got to know you a little better, that’s for sure. Making your site a little more personal is a great idea. People want to connect with you, they want a piece of you, that’s part of being a roll model. But I’ve always felt that your writing was personal, or at least that your “personality” comes across in your writing.

    When reading what you write, I can skim it, pick out the bits I want. The act of writing also makes you much more concise in your message.

    Watching a video that is 24 minutes long and rambling means that I must really adore you, or respect your message in a huge way. I bet I’m in the top one percent….people who watched your video to the very end. Thank goodness it’s Sunday morning and I have a little free time. I also must hold you in high regards to now spend another chunk of time giving you feedback…….that you asked for.

    You write very well, I would suggest that when making a video that you hold to a few important tenants……one; write yourself an outline of what you want to convey so that you can stay on message. two; remember that time in this world is very precious. You probably have about a five minute or less window for most people’s attention span. If you are giving technical advice or demonstrating some thing I’m interested in learning, i.e. how to perform the perfect pushup you may engage my attention for a longer time. When initially clicking on a video I always note how long it is. If it’s much more than ten minutes my mind starts thinking of all the other things I need to get done, it may think, “well I’ll just come back to this later” but I often never get back.

    Your website is great! I often have to search around to figure out how and where to leave a comment. I wish that was more apparent, because often the conversations that follow what you write are the best part. Engaging people to express themselves means you’ve done a great job sharing your thoughts and ideas.

    Warmest and Kindest Regards,


    forever your granola girl farm goddess cheerleader.

  5. Jimmy Svitak

    I really love the heartfelt, realness of this video John, your message won’t be soon forgot.
    I’m 21 years young, and exercise at least 4 days a week. Here are my motivators, unedited off the cusp, and in no particular order:

    Be a role model for my sister
    Be a role model for my friends, loved ones
    Be a role model for socity
    To be sexy
    I enjoy pushing myself
    If I want a bombshell, gorgeous, goddess of a lady, then I need to be an adonis of a man
    To be physically stronger, more powerful, and more capable
    To feel good
    To have an unyielding, neverending, unstoppable force – this never quit, always ready level of energy
    To have fun

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