How to Climb a Tree – Your Primal Homework Assignment is to go Tree Climbing

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Now that winter is behind us, my focus is shifting back towards more primal activities. Things like walking, running, tree climbing, and rock climbing are coming back into perspective as fun and viable exercise options. With my recent introduction to MovNat, I’m more than inspired to start taking better advantage of the great outdoors and really getting outside of my comfort zone.

Until today, I hadn’t enjoyed climbing a tree since high school – and I certainly haven’t done it regularly since I was a young child. It was a fun and fresh experience and I had some fun filming this video for you. By the end of this article, you will learn some tips about how to climb a tree.

How to Climb a Tree

So, my tree climbing tips are as follows:

1) thinks with your feet – most of your weight should be on your feet. Essentially, tree climbing is just like standing up on a ladder. The muscles of your legs are much larger, stronger, and more efficient than those of the upper body. You will be able to climb much higher and longer if you are using your legs as your primary balance, support, and power-generator.

2) stay as close to the tree trunk as possible – tree climbing is easier when your center of mass is closer to the base of support. You’ll be safer by placing your hands and feet as close to the trunk as possible (to prevent branches from breaking). If you aren’t facing the trunk directly, laterally slide your hips into the tree for better support and balance.

3) always have at least 2 safety valves – if something were to happen, a slip or a branch breaking, you should have 2 separate holds that will support your bodyweight completely.

4) Don’t look down!

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P.S. I attribute my ability to pick up new skills quickly to my daily personal practice using the Intu-Flow Joint Mobility and Longevity System.

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  1. Hello! At 67 years, taking fitness seriously, I appreciate your tips very much. Intrigued also with minimal footwear. I notice in the tree climbing video you don’t show your feet. Can it be that you climb trees barefoot? Ouch! That would take some conditioning for most of us. Again, really learn a lot from your stuff. Owen

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