Interview With The Legendary Strength Coach Dan John

Build World Class Strength With These Expert Tips From Dan John

Dan JohnIf you’ve never heard of Coach Dan John before, then allow me to introduce you to a legend in the strength and weightlifting community. Some of the things that come to mind when I think of Dan John are old school strength training, olympic lifting, kettlebells, goblet squats, throwing heavy things, farmer walks and other loaded carries, and getting back to the basics, among other things.

I first ran across Dan’s work when I read one of his articles on T-Nation back in 2004 and have followed him on and off since then. Dan was one of the men who really inspired me to get serious into the iron game back when I was in college, and Dan who pushed me over the edge to learn the Olympic lifts when the opportunity finally presented itself.

I’ve always admired his no-nonsense, simple approach to strength training, and the fact that he’s got nothing up his sleeve. He’s open, honest, and humble – and he knows his craft very well. Seriously, this is a man who can get you ridiculously strong if you want it bad enough, and his advice is always spot-on.

If you told me nine years ago that I’d eventually be interviewing Dan John, I wouldn’t have believed you. But after one email and a bit of phone tag, I was on the line with him picking his brain about all things strength and fitness.

What’s Inside The Interview With Dan John

I can’t stress enough the sheer amount of wisdom that Dan packed into one interview. There is so much good information in here that you’ll probably get more than you actually need (and may even be overwhelmed by how much we cover). In fact, I bet you could run with just one or two things that Dan covers and make great strides in your strength training regime.

Speaking of which, here is just a sampling of what we discussed – a few notes I took while editing the audio file:

  • Learn what old school training can teach us in our modern, sophisticated training culture
  • Why understanding the distinction between practice and training can mean the difference between getting strong over the short term and over the long term
  • Dan’s 40-Day, 5-Lift Workout Program
  • The one thing that worked even better than Dan’s lucky socks
  • Dan’s 6 Basic Human Movements that everyone should include in their strength training program
  • The best exercises for power generation
  • Why it’s important to work on your weaknesses before trying to achieve specific strength standards
  • The few pieces of equipment that Dan has decided to keep in his personal home gym
  • How to maximize the benefits from each training tool by identifying their killer application
  • The best exercises for total body strength development, and why they may not be what you’d think
  • The unique benefits of overhead lifting and how best to do it
  • When strong enough is strong enough and why the average athlete doesn’t necessarily need to strive for world record feats of strength
  • The simple strength formula that works for everyone
  • How to build strongman-esque muscle with lifting complexes
  • How to constantly make progress by beating the body’s adaptation process with long-term periodization
  • The ideal length of a training program
  • The value of unilateral training and how to train systemic strength using Dan’s 2/3/5 protocol
  • The types of loaded carries that can help you break through plateaus and skyrocket your fitness results within days
  • Who should and who shouldn’t learn the Olympic lifts
  • Why the kettlebell swing may be a better option than the barbell snatch
  • How to strike a balance between training and recovery to maximize your results and minimize burnout
  • The most effective form of recovery that nobody ever talks about
  • What Dan wish he knew about training when he was first starting off
  • How to prevent aging and train into old age without getting injured
  • And much, much more!

Interview With The Legendary Strength Coach Dan John

Wrap Up

I want to thank Dan again for taking the time to do this interview. It was a pleasure to chat about training for a bit, and I’d love to do it again sometime. You can learn more about him and his work at his website:

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