Introducing The Pull-up Solution by John Sifferman

Announcing a Brand-New Pull-up and Chin-up Training System to Help You Rapidly Increase Your Pull-up Strength and Performance so That You can do More Reps – Guaranteed!

The Pull-up Solution by John Sifferman - ebook coverIf you’ve ever been stuck, frustrated, or even mad that you can’t get better at pull-ups and chin-ups, then this is something you do NOT want to miss.

The Pull-up Solution is the most effective pull-up training system ever created. And since this is my blog and I’m allowed to say whatever I like about my own product, there’s something you should probably know before we get started. So, I’ll just say it. I’m biased – very biased. And so, if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, you’ll disregard everything that I’m about to tell you as mindless drivel. Because for the next few minutes, I’m going to brag.

You see, I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of what I’ve created and very – VERY – excited to share it with you. Because if you’ve been struggling with pull-ups and chin-ups, and want to get better at them, you’re gonna love what I’ve put together for you. Believe me, The Pull-up Solution is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to helping you achieve your pull-up goals. That’s kindof how we roll around here.

And this highly-biased and extremely-opinionated, press release-style commentary will hopefully help you figure out if The Pull-up Solution would be right for you.

So, what is The Pull-up Solution?

The Pull-up Solution is a brand new, comprehensive pull-up and chin-up training system that was designed to help you rapidly increase your pull-up strength and performance (i.e., the number of reps you can do) without compromising your health or risking an injury. Inside of The Pull-up Solution, you’ll discover a step-by-step blueprint that will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to get better at pull-ups, chin-ups, and other variations – no matter who you are or what your starting point is.

The Pull-up Solution is fully-customizable to both your skill and conditioning level and was designed to take you right to your edge, and no further – each and every time you train – in order to find the “sweet spot” for adapting and getting stronger at this awesome exercise. The Pull-up Solution is a do-it-yourself exercise program that is the closest thing to having a coach as possible, without actually having one. It works for beginners and advanced trainees alike. So, whether you’re struggling to nail your first pull-up, or you’ve been stuck at a plateau for a long time – and want to supercharge your strength on the bar to score your first 10, 20, or even 30 deadhang pull-ups – this system was created for people just like you. And in my experience, it works better than anything else currently available.

Now, this is a digital product (i.e., downloadable) that you can view on your computer, smart phone, tablet, or any other device that will connect to the Internet or will otherwise display Video and PDF files. So, when you buy a copy of The Pull-up Solution, you’ll get instant download access to a collection of e-books (PDF format), videos (MP4) format, and audio files (MP3 format).

The Pull-up Solution by John Sifferman

What Makes The Pull-up Solution Unique?

When I said in the introduction that my product is truly one-of-a-kind, I meant it! You see, I wanted to create something different because all of the reports I had been getting from my clients were that they were struggling to succeed using other programs that just didn’t cut it.

So, I went out and picked up every single pull-up training resource I could possibly find – free and paid resources – and I’ve got a whole pile of books, DVDs, files, digital products, and Kindle e-books that I poured through when researching for this project. And I realized that every single one of these resources, without fail, not only had at least one or two major shortcomings, but were also missing some of the vital components that are essential for pull-up training success. Either they were incomplete in their recommendations (e.g. really thorough on exercise technique, but lacking a good program, or vice versa), or they had almost no element of personalization, if any at all. And having a bit of personalization is a real biggie for a product like this; practically essential, if you ask me.

So, for starters, I knew that I didn’t just want to create a book or a DVD program.  I wanted a system. Something that would be comprehensive and cover pull-up training from all angles – not just fixating on one aspect of it. But I also wanted to create something that was laser-focused on getting you results instead of providing you unnecessary, albeit interesting information. I also wanted my program to be fully-customizable and even personalized to your unique needs, goals, and circumstances. My goal is that anyone regardless of their skill or conditioning level should be able to follow the program and succeed – whether that means getting your first pull-up, or your first 20. And so the actual program design and instructions required a certain finesse to make sure it catered to a broad range of goals and starting points.

I also wanted the program to be flexible for your schedule and the time you have available for training, and I purposefully programmed it so that – to an extent – you can decide not only when you train, but for how long. Because I know you’re busy and don’t have time to overhaul your schedule just to get better at pull-ups.

Finally, I wanted to pack a ton of value into the product, but still make it an affordable option. I dont just want my customers to be satisfied. I want to impress.

But probably the main thing that makes The Pull-up Solution unique is that it works! And not just for young men in their prime who are teeming with testosterone, but for women, too – and older trainees who might have a little more wear and tear and perhaps a bit more bodyfat than they’d like. In fact, after spending over two years working with dozens of beta-testers from all walks of life, I’ve concluded that practically anyone – men, women, old, young, fat, or fit – anyone can succeed using The Pull-up Solution.

How Can The Pull-up Solution Help You?

Here is a small sampling of what you will learn from The Pull-up Solution:

  • How to rapidly increase your pull-up and chin-up numbers in three months or less
  • How to work your way up to your first pull-up, even if you can barely hang from the bar
  • How men and women alike – old or young – can accelerate their pull-up results to double, triple, or even quadruple their pull-up strength in a matter of weeks
  • How to sculpt your arms and shoulders, build and strengthen your back, and tighten up your abs and entire core musculature each and every time you train with pull-ups
  • How to improve your pull-up strength and performance without compromising your health or risking an injury
  • How to customize your pull-up training program for your own training goals, such as building muscle, getting stronger, toning up, or preparing for more advanced exercises, among others.

The Pull-up Solution is by-far the most effective pull-up training system ever created and has been used by dozens of beta-testers over the past two years with overwhelming success.

The Bottom Line

Now, I want to be totally up-front and clear that The Pull-up Solution is certainly not a perfect product – far from it. It has its pros and cons just like any other program, and I’ll let you be the judge of them. But a whole lot of work went into the project from research to planning, development, and a lot of beta-testing and refinement to get it ready for you. No, it’s not a Hollywood production (and in my opinion, doesn’t need to be), but I’m really proud of the final product, even if it’s not exactly how I originally envisioned it.

And thus far, the feedback I’ve received about it has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, some of you may know that I actually held a private release for some folks I had on a VIP waiting list (yes, I take care of my own), and I’ve gotten some good reports from my first customers already – not to mention the dozens of success stories from all of my beta-testers I’ve received these past two years.

Is The Pull-up Solution right for you?

So, who is The Pull-up Solution best-suited for? Well, if you’ve been struggling to get better at pull-ups and chin-ups and you want to change that, AND you are willing to work hard using a comprehensive, step-by-step pull-up training system that has been tested-and-proven by people from all walks of life, AND you want something that is customizable to not only your skill and conditioning level, but can also be personalized to your individual needs, AND you want a program that will also take you right to your edge, and no further, each and every time you train, AND you want to train hard without compromising your health or risking an injury by adhering to health-first fitness principles and strategies, AND you want to be taken-by-the-hand and shown exactly what you need to do to succeed with just enough flexibility built-in to ensure you can actually follow the program, then The Pull-up Solution was created for someone just like you.

And for a limited time, you can get a copy of the entire system for a killer deal…

In fact, a couple of my colleagues and several of my customers have basically told me I’m crazy for offering my system for so cheap. But I’m not crazy. I just have red hair and just enough Irish in my blood. And besides, I’m not doing this just for the money. You see, I really, truly want you to succeed in your pull-up training goals. No, it’s not necessarily as important a goal as improving one’s health, getting out of debt, or improving a relationship, per se. But it is something that a lot of people struggle with.

And if you’d allow me, then I’d absolutely love the opportunity to help you work towards and achieve your pull-up and chin-up training goals.

Final Words

So, if you’ve been struggling with pull-ups and chin-ups and are ready and willing to put in the work necessary to change that, using a tested-and-proven program that is in a powered by a great self-coaching system, then why don’t you head on over to the official website to see if The Pull-up Solution would be right for you. Find out how I rapidly increased my pull-up numbers and have helped hundreds of other people do the same with my unique approach to pull-up training at the link below…

Click Here to Learn More About The Pull-up Solution and Get Your Copy at the Discounted Rate Before It’s Too Late

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  1. Hi John!
    Amazing pull up bar! How can I get one? Thank you very much! greets from Germany! Norman

  2. Hi John,
    I purchased your program in May 2015. & have been using it since then.
    Some background about my health: I was martial arts student since the time I remember. As my father was interested in Martial arts. I was diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis patient 5 yrs back & since then stopped exercising. last year my doctor asked to start exercising again because i am on medication & it is having very good control of arthritis with no pain and stiffness.
    Effects of Using your pull up program:
    I think the program is very good. But the problem is I cannot do high frequency training, my joints are painful on the next day. So I follow the third month program instead of 1st & 2nd month. & prefer doing it only 2 times per week. But still I am not able to do single pull up.
    Same was the case with push ups but very soon I was able to perform 20 push ups straight in one set. But seems like pull ups are giving me hard time.
    Need your guidance, as I take it as a challenge to do 20 pull ups in one set.

    • Hi Aga,

      I just send you an email. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!


  3. hey john i really want to purcahse you program, could you email me so i could ask a few questions if you dont mind.

  4. Kristian Thalin

    Hi John,

    I have some questions for you, can you please send me a email.



  5. Hi john,
    I have read your “How to Rapidly Increase your Pullup Numbers In Three Months Or Less” and I was just wondering if you still feel that it is still effective, compared to “The Pullup Solution”

    • Hi Kyle, That free program I released years ago was the beta-version of the workout program inside The Pull-up Solution. Both programs work (if you do).

  6. Michael Long

    An awesome course!! I bought today have been looking though them.
    Going to apply them! I was happy you had Pay pal I use Pay pal a lot!
    Should have bought a long time ago! Well worth the price!!

  7. Hi John, thanks so much on putting your knowledge and work into this program you developed. I am 40 yrs old and have been training with pull ups about a year now. I since the overhand grips put too much stress on my shoulders elbows, I went to neutral grips to develop strength and do eccentrics that way. It was much better for my shoulders and elbows. I had made mistakes of over training which lead to some elbow issues which has cleared up once I cut down on the volume. The thing that has bothered me lately is reading an article saying people over 40 should stop doing body weight exercises because middle age tendons are likely to tear. The article was about an orthopedic surgeon named John Fenlin. He may be right some ways but I looked over some safer options to prevent joint damage for now. I just want support from people like you and keep getting better. I would like to improve not quite.

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