Is the Nintendo Wii Fitness Savvy? This video will clear up the confusion.

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Many have wondered if the recent Nintendo Wii is actually a decent fitness protocol. After all, there are games like Wii Sports, FIFA Soccer 09, and even Wii Fit. There must be at least some fitness benefits to playing with the Wii. Here is a video that I hope answers your questions about Wii Fitness.

Wii Fit Parody

The Nintendo Wii has basically accomplished four things in my mind:

1) encouraged children to stand up more (although some of the best Wii players I’ve seen still sit down)
2) encouraged children to wave their arms more (the really good players just ‘flick the wrist’ though)
3) convinced parents that their children are better off now that they are getting some physical activity (HA!)
4) and as usual, excessive use of the Nintendo Wii has resulted in carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow tendinitis, and even the rare case of explosive diarrhea. (ok, that last one was a joke).

I’ll admit that the principle behind the Nintendo Wii is moving in the right direction towards making kids more active in anyway possible, but give me a break! What’s wrong with actually going out and playing baseball or going to a real bowling alley?

I think the Wii is fun for everyone, but I would steer clear of thinking that it will help you improve your health or build your dream body.

I hope you got at least some entertainment from that silly video.

To your health and success,

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