Joint Mobility – Head to toe in 5 minutes or less, with John Sifferman

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Joint Mobility is one of my favorite training methods – and I wanted to show you a video of what a full body joint mobility routine looks like. Keep in mind that this is NOT the optimal way to do joint mobility. I went very fast, and it is better to take your time on each joint. When in a hurry, this will do a good job to give joints a quick recharge. But when you have the time, it’s good to spend the 15-30 minutes to do a thorough job.

Joint Mobility – Head to toe in 5 minutes or less

Like I said, this was a little faster than the ideal. Take your time on each exercise, and work on shaving tension away. This should not be hard work, and you should feel relaxed when finished. Definitely do NOT move into pain.

All of these exercises are featured in Scott Sonnon’s Intu-Flow Program.

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  1. Nice work…I like the six planes flow of your shoulder and elbows.

  2. John,
    Very nicely done. What is the best resource to learn how to do this?

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