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The Kong Flow is a Prasara Yoga Flow that is based on a variation of an animal-based movement called the Kong. I’ve been practicing this over the past week for fun – following my coaches advice to try one motor-moron movement each day. The Kong Flow is unique in that it actually self-compensates via hip flexion and extension, making it an excellent Prasara flow for the hips. It’s short and sweet and lot’s of fun to hop and roll around!

Kong Flow from Prasara Yoga

If you’d like to learn the Kong Flow for yourself, my coach, Scott Sonnon put together a thorough tutorial, including some simpler progressions to make learning it fairly simple:

Scott Sonnon teaches the Kong Flow

Prasara Yoga is not only a unique method of yoga, in that it brings new expressions and techniques for yoga, but it also changes your perspective of yoga in general. If you have a new, fresh perception of what yoga can be like (instead of what it should be like), then it enables you to unlock your creative potential and express yourself more freely – and I don’t mean in a zen-like “wishy washy” sense.

I put together a Prasara Flow of my own this past week, my first, refined original creation – haven’t come up with a name yet, but will soon and will post a video demo to the site for you to see.

In the mean time, if you’re interested in exploring YOUR own flow, then feel free to check out some of Scott’s official Prasara materials:

TACGYM Biomechanical Exercises (AKA Prasara Lego’s) – BodyFlow contains dozens of exercises that serve as transitional pieces in Prasara Yoga. This was my first exposure to Prasara and helped set a foundation for better yoga practice in the future.

Prasara book and Instructional DVD – this is an intermediate level Prasara Yoga program that I would recommend for yogi’s and yogini’s, or someone who wants to truly internalize a Prasara practice for themselves.

So, how do you feel after trying the Kong Flow?

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  1. Very smooth, that’s a fun one.

    • Thanks Dean – was reminded and inspired to tackle it this week after seeing one of your recent training vids!

  2. Great site. Love the banner photo. Lake Winnipisaukee?

    As for the Kong Flow, you wrote “motor-moron.” I assume you meant “motor-neuron.” Am I correct or is it something else entirely?

    • The picture of me running is on the beach of Everett Lake actually, also in NH.

      And it may as well been motor-neuron, but I actually meant what I wrote. I try to do something every day that makes me feel like a motor-moron – practicing something that is brand new to me and challenging (thus making me look like a moron).

  3. very fun & cool indeed =>

    Apart from the animal kong exercise in your video john, is the other movement found in the Prasara or/and the Flow Fit II: Ground Engagement dvd?

  4. Thanks for that, links up nice. Can’t youlearn the shoulder roll from flowfit2?
    I would like to learn all about falls and rolls, what’s my best bet as a beginner?

    • I can’t remember if the shoulder roll is taught in FlowFit 2, but I do know that it’s Sonnon’s best program for ground contact.

  5. Thank you, it’s motor moron time = >

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