Motivational Movies: Top 10 Movies That Get Me Pumped up to Train

Don’t let the title fool you. My training stays mentally fueled for reasons far beyond trendy flick’s and motivational movies. The understanding of my vision and purpose is what gets me successfully through each and everyday. Although, sometimes I do get rather PUMPED to hit training hard, and motivational movies are one of those things that sets a fire under my butt. Here is my top 10 list of motivational movies that gets me pumped up to train hard:

Top 10 Motivational Movies That get Me Pumped up to Train

10. American History X – Edward Norton has a superb Tough Guy Physique in this flick, and walks a role of former neo-nazi leader becoming enlightened and trying to prevent his younger brother from following the same path.

9. Rocky – It’s cliche, yes, but it gets me fired up either way. It’s the ultimate story of overcoming hardship and being triumphant in the end – no matter what the cost.

8. Enter the Dragon – It’s Bruce Lee’s finest work in film. Nuf said!

7. Unbreakable – This is a film about a character who is slowly discovering his gifts, and realizing that he has a much greater purpose to play in service to others. The bench press scene is priceless!

6. Batman Begins – I was debating whether to include this on the list. Christian Bale does have a phenomenal physique, and the training that he undergoes to become Batman is inspiring to say the least, even if it is far-fetched.

5. The 300 – a bunch of ripped guys slaying thousands of enemies in graphic violence. Need I say more? In all seriousness, the training that the actors in this film underwent goes far beyond what most acting contracts require. There were many 6-8 hour physical training days prior to the filming of this epic movie, and the physiques of all the actors show it.

4. The Last Samurai – If you can get past the notion that it’s Tom Cruise playing the lead role, this is a pretty decent film and quite inspiring. The idea of discipline is hammered home all-throughout, discipline like most people may never experience in their lifetime. I think Tom did a decent job in this one.

3. V for Vendetta – You probably haven’t heard of this one, but it’s one of the few that as lead character V says to Evey, “gets me everytime.” V is on a lifelong mission to embody an idea of freedom and justice, whilst getting revenge, even if it means denying his fleshly desires and meeting his maker just before his death. This one strikes at the heart of making the hard, right choices, even if it means sacrifice and fighting against overwhelming odds.

2. Gladiator – The ultimate struggle between good and evil. Maximus is remembered saying, “Father of a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I shall have my vengeance in this life or the next.” The entire movie breathes vengeance. The gory gladiator battles, decapitations, and bloodfests are just the details.

1. Fight Club – Hidden behind aggressive male machoism and immaturity are some important themes that can only understood in the context of the film if experienced with an open mind. Tyler Durden asks us, “how much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” You’ll either love it or hate it.

Your Question of the Day is: what would you add to this list?

To your health and success,

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  1. Conan the Barbarian: the classic movie that follows the spirit of Robert Howard. Howard’s Conan was much more visceral and compassionate, more tangible and mythic. The movie, in my humble opinion, while it inaccurately reflects the content of Howard’s Conan, it reflects the spirit well.

    I like your list.

  2. Why are we completely missing Pumping Iron? That’s a movie that gets my a$$ to the gym.

  3. Fight club is a really good movie but it’s not a motivational movie.

    it just give us chances to think about the world diffenly.

    i saw fight club like 10 times so far….. still good though

  4. I always think about Snatch/Rock N’Rolla, American Psycho, Ninja Assasin, and most definetly Fight Club. All i can think about offhand. Anyone else?

  5. My personal favs are Soldier with Kurt Russel as cut as I’ve seen him, Reign of Fire the same for mathew mccaunahey, Million Dollar Baby, Blade Trinity (YouTube the training Jessica and Ryan went through for this movie), Girlfight- one of Michelle Rodriguez’s first movies, and….let’s see….yeah I def agree with the above suggestions. Good stuff =)

  6. Last of the Mohicans
    Without Limits
    Running Brave
    Fearless (jet lee)
    Dragon …Bruce Lee Story
    On Bak
    Iron Will

    …to name a few more…

  7. simon bailey

    i would add to this list “free willy” – as i don’t want to be looking like a beached whale the next time i go on holiday

    but seriously – last samurai for definate
    spiderman – good movement
    hunted – excellent knife fighting/ spontanous fighting
    the bodygaurd -bodygaurd bits without whitney singing
    and my faourite has got to be – troy (brad pitt)

  8. Chocolate (2008 film), also known as ‘Fury’-Muay Thai and Capoeira (in one fight).
    Awesome movie, really inspirational. Makes you wish you were an actor so you could get all the training to do it and get paid!

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