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MovNatI was privileged to be one of the first people to attend Erwan’s 5-day USA seminars at Summersville Lake, WV. That event has been one of the single most positive experiences I’ve ever had, and I would recommend it to anyone with even a hint of interest in sports, fitness, or any type of physical recreation. For five days and nights, I experienced an entirely foreign philosophy about physical living, and I absolutely loved it.

Combo training is one component of the MovNat coaching system. In terms of program design, combo training is to MovNat what circuit training is to a fitness workout. In MovNat combo training, you link together a chain of different movement skills and perform them one-after-another until the entire combo is complete. In all the combo’s we did during the seminar, I can’t remember resting at all between rounds – but I suppose Erwan would encourage this under certain circumstances.

MovNat combo training gives you an opportunity to:

  • develop mental toughness as you perform complex skills while under fatigue
  • practice smooth transitions through and between different movement skills
  • develop conditioning attributes such as strength and endurance through the circuit nature

Here is one of Erwan’s most recent videos (all of which, are superb!). In this video, you’ll witness one of Erwan’s MovNat combo’s in which he has compiled a set of skills that includes: crawling on all fours uphill (bear crawl style), climbing a horizontal tree, walking/balancing on the fallen tree, crawling on all fours downhill (crab walk style), and lifting/throwing a heavy stone (deadlift, power clean, push press). Check it out:

MovNat Combo Training Video

This is but a small glimpse into the MovNat coaching system, and there’s a lot more to combo training than you’ve just seen. I would encourage anyone reading this to attend one of Erwan’s seminars to experience MovNat for yourself.

I have discussed MovNat a couple of times here on Physical Living.

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  1. Hi John,

    I have been following MovNat for a while and thought many times to go some workshop here in Europe… time will show.

    • You won’t regret the decision to go, Henri. It completely changed the way I think about some aspects of my physical training.

    • Hi Henri, where in Europe are these workshop?
      cheers Peter

      • Hi Peter,

        Look into Wild Fitness. They are based in the UK and have some MovNat certified trainers.

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