Obama Training – does our nations next leader set a good example for preventative health? by John Sifferman

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President Elect Barack Obama will be our nation’s next leader, and I pray he will make honorable decisions while in office. For this brief article, I will put aside all differences in opinion and just focus objectively on the health views of our next leader.

In all honesty, while I find Obama’s HealthCare plan interesting to read about, I judge a man’s health views based on his own health.  Someone can talk my ear off all day about how to get and stay healthy, but if they aren’t walking the talk, I can’t take them or their policies seriously.  I found an article detailing Obama’s own personal exercise routine, and I wanted to give you the cliff notes.

From what I’ve read, President Elect Obama is an excellent example of physical health for the modern day American.  He makes time to exercise almost daily, immediately after waking.  He alternates between strength training and cardio based activities – lifting weights one day, and cardio the next.

He mentions that he eats mostly healthy foods and keeps his blood pressure down.  He is also known for his love of playing basketball – a good lesson for all of us to find something we love to do, which requires us to be active.

What I see from this is that our nations next leader is setting a good example for health.  Could he do better? Of course.  He even mentions, “I wish I was getting a 90-minute workout.” While there is always room for improvement, I see a man who is working hard for his health.

Obama has an incredibly busy schedule, yet he prioritizes his time to ensure he stays healthy.  Obama realizes that health must come first, especially when undertaking a hugely stressful schedule.

I think our health is like a lens with which we see the world.  Good health helps us focus, and see the best in life and in each other.  Obama said, “The main reason I do it [workout] is just to clear my head and relieve me of stress.”  I think that’s an understatement, and an underuse of abundant health, but he’s got the right idea.

Your Question of the Day is: in what other ways do you consider Obama a role model (in good or bad ways)?

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