Q+A: How to get Six Pack Abs by John Sifferman

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By far, one of the most common questions I receive is how to get great abs. Having a six-pack is considered one of the hallmark achievements by most people. It makes perfect sense that time and time again, great abs has been voted the most desired attribute of both male and female physiques. So, how do you get great abs? The answer is simple, but not easy (it never is).

How to get 6-Pack Abs: Q+A with John Sifferman

Your Question of the Day is: What other things do you consider hallmarks of strength and health in a physique?

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  1. Great point about ensuring a calorie deficit in your diet. Can you make a video/article about ways of increasing your metabolism? I’ve been doing HIIT for over a year now, in hopes it will increase my metabolism; I think it has, but not to the point where enough tummy fat is low enough that you can see my abs.

    I’ve also been (trying to) eating a high protein, low carb diet, as I’ve read that protein also helps increase one’s metabolism.

    • Mitsu,

      I’ll add that article idea to my list – thanks for the suggestion. Also, I don’t mean to be brash, but if you’ve been working to burn off that stubborn belly fat for a year, you might want to consider looking into Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Program. I’ve personally seen hundreds of success stories unfold using that system to lose both the first 100 lbs, or the last 10 lbs of fat. If you use Tom’s system, you’re guaranteed to burn off that last bit of fat, and if you’re already fairly lean, it shouldn’t take more than several weeks to do it. More info here:


      • Thanks for recommending that ebook; my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas and it’s already proving to be a valuable resource of information for even more areas than fitness.

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