I had the opportunity to train with Erwan Le Corre at one of his first U.S. MovNat Expansion seminars in 2009, at Summersville Lake, WV. To make a long story short, it was an incredible experience, and I am now adopting MovNat training into my daily personal practice. Erwan has also accepted me into an advisory position for MovNat.

Since MovNat is a relatively new system and still in the early developmental stages, there aren’t a lot of online resources available about it yet. Erwan insists on building a local community of MovNat students (this is happening at MovNat HQ in Boulder, CO) along with certifying many coaches (starting 2010) before allowing MovNat to become “open source.” Plus, he’s currently in the process of writing a book about his philosophy and training practices. Once the book is published, MovNat will become open source and much more information will start becoming available on the Internet. It’s a smart business strategy because MovNat has the potential to grow very fast – too fast, in fact.

So, there really isn’t that much to see on the Internet about MovNat just yet, which is why I strongly recommend seeking out either Erwan himself or one of his certified coaches (there are already several) for in-person training. MovNat is not something that can be learned solo, it requires in-person instruction, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by trying to learn it on your own through online mediums.

If you’d like to hear the long-story, check out my Review of Erwan Le Corre’s MovNat Training Seminar.

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