Sneaky Exercises: How to fit exercise into the busiest schedule

Here is a quick fitness tip from my training partner, Kyle Battis, and myself about how to fit sneaky exercises into your busy schedule.

This technique works great especially if you are practicing a certain exercise or skill. Sneaky exercises is similar to the greasing-the-groove technique, in which you perform an exercise several times per day in order to greatly improve your skill in that activity. The more active you are throughout the day, the better for your health.

Your Question of the Day is: What else would you benefit from “sneaking” into your day?

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P.S. I do sneaky exercises throughout the day, usually fitting in joint mobility exercises as I feel tension accumulate.

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  1. Another thing I like to “sneak” into my day, and should probably do more, is healthy snacks. I like to sneak in some raw vegetables and sometimes nuts/seeds to get some nutrition and carry me over between meals.

    John Sifferman NSCA-CPT

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