TACFIT Survival Review – First Impressions

TACFIT Survival is a comprehensive, plug-and-play fitness training program that will help you develop a high standard of fitness by burning stubborn fat, building functional muscle and improving your conditioning level using a variety of movement skills and training protocols that were specifically created to improve performance in high stress situations such as competitive fighting.

Note: I just got a copy of TACFIT Survival this morning. So, naturally, I have not used the entire program, and this TACFIT Survival Review is based on my first impressions.

TACFIT Survival Review

The TACFIT entourage just released a new training program called TACFIT Survival. Truth be told, I have been looking forward to this for a number of months, but I didn’t know it was being released today until this morning when a few of you wrote to me about it (thanks!). I have not used TACFIT Survival before, but in my travels, I’ve spoken with a few people that have attended a TACFIT Survival seminar, and I’ve heard comments ranging from “it’s freaking awesome” to “I thought I was going to die, and then I was done!” Needless to say, I’ve gotten mixed feedback, but overall, everything has been really positive.

Anyways, I just downloaded the entire program a few hours ago, and have had a quick looksee at all the materials. I took one session through a test drive (video forthcoming). As can be expected from a TACFIT program, it’s good stuff as far as I can tell, but it’s not necessarily RMAX’s finest from a product quality standpoint – in my humble opinion. That said, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a solid program and I bet many of you will enjoy using it as I will in the future. I thought I’d give you my initial thoughts while the launch sale is still running (31% off until Sunday, April 15. Yep, that’s THIS Sunday!). So, hopefully, this review will help you figure out if TACFIT Survival is right for you and your goals.

In case you’re already familiar with the other TACFIT programs out there, TACFIT Survival is very much like TACFIT Commando. So, if you’ve enjoyed TACFIT Commando (I know that at least several dozen of my readers have from all the messages and comments I’ve received over the years), then you’ll also enjoy TACFIT Survival. They are certainly not one in the same, but they are quite similar in many ways. So, in that case, if you want more training materials to work through, TACFIT Survival will be right up your alley.

But for those that aren’t familiar with the other TACFIT programs, what’s all the fuss about TACFIT Survival? What’s inside the program, what do you have to do, and most importantly, what can it do for you? Well, now that you’ve asked, let’s have a look.

What is TACFIT Survival and what do you get in the package after you buy?

TACFIT Survival is a bodyweight strength and conditioning program that was created as a complementary fitness program for a martial art known as Hisardut (aka survival jiujitsu) using the TACFIT system as a delivery model. In other words, TACFIT Survival is a complete workout program for those who would like the conditioning and movement health of a fighter from using one of the most sophisticated physical fitness systems in the world.

It was created by a man named Alberto Gallazzi, whom I’ve met and trained with twice, but really don’t know all that much about. He’s been a trainer to special operations units and has also made a living as a high-profile bodyguard for clients like Madonna, George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others. Yeah, I know, I haven’t heard of any of them either! (kidding)

Anyways, from the couple of times I’ve learned from Alberto, he has been an excellent instructor and seems like the real deal. He also has a, how shall I say… badass look and feel about him, which naturally lends itself well in the TACFIT enterprise. Needless to say, Alberto is an excellent instructor, and more importantly, he walks the walk. I think that alone is enough to ensure the value contained within TACFIT Survival.

So, in regards to what you’ll actually get when you buy TACFIT Survival, it’s a digital/downloadable product (no need to wait for shipping) with 3 different workout programs at varying levels of difficulty. Each program is 28 days long. So, you’re getting about 3 months worth of workouts total. You’ll actually be purchasing a couple PDF files and several video files – both instructional and follow-along workout videos. They can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, phone, etc.

TACFIT Survival Sample Workout

Coming soon!

Alberto Gallazzi - creator of TACFIT Survival
Alberto Gallazzi - creator of TACFIT Survival

What I Like About TACFIT Survival

I’ve reviewed several TACFIT programs now, and so I’ll start off this section by saying that I like that TACFIT Survival is a TACFIT program. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then allow me to explain. You see, I’ve liked almost every TACFIT program that has been released because TACFIT is a superb system for health-first fitness and strength and conditioning, among other things. There’s a lot to love about TACFIT programs, including, but not limited to, the following:

-TACFIT Survival has different levels of difficulty built right into the program, so anyone regardless of fitness level can benefit from it.

-Both recovery and injury-prevention techniques are included in the program design to ensure optimal results.

-All of the workouts are short and sweet and don’t require a large time commitment, and there are different scheduling options available, so you can customize it to your individual needs. This can be used by all but the busiest of people. And if you’re even too busy for this, contact me and we’ll talk.

-The training sessions are challenging, but manageable, and they are also scalable to not just your conditioning level, but also to your skill level. So, no matter who you are, this program will meet you where you are and take you to your edge, and no further.

-TACFIT Survival is user-friendly and truly plug and play. Although, it is missing some of the key features that other TACFIT programs have included before, such as progress tracking materials (ie training calendars, workout journals, etc.). Regardless, you can literally begin this program within minutes of reviewing the materials (after downloading all the Gigabytes of data, that is).

-You don’t need any equipment to perform TACFIT Survival, which I always think is a nice touch in a do-it-yourself workout program. So, if you have a little bit of floor space, you can do the entire program – no further investment required. No gym, no dumbbells, no nothing!

-For CSTers and TACFITers, there is also a good bit of new material (at least, new to me). The instruction manual is yet another evolution in the TACFIT model and will provide you with some new insight into the system. But that’s not nearly as exciting as the fact that you’ll even learn some new cool movements, that I assume Alberto came up with himself. Much of this is NOT rehashed, which is a big plus, in my book. I’m always happy to learn new ways to train!

-And as is typical with TACFIT products, this program is a very high value for your money. Even at the full price, you’re getting three months of complete training programs for less than the cost of a couple personal training sessions. This is dirt cheap folks, and you’re getting a lot of value for your dollar. If you actually use the program, you’ll be more than happy that you spent the money.

TACFIT Survival Cons

My main gripe with TACFIT Survival is that most of this program was filmed during a live seminar at Wolf Fitness Systems in Salinas, CA. The instructional and follow-along videos are essentially a collection of clips that were taken during the seminar itself (with live participants). So, this product was not necessarily originally meant for video instruction, and thus, isn’t optimized for this learning medium. It’s been put together using bits and pieces from the seminar, which has its downsides and limitations. For example, Alberto’s English is excellent, but the audio quality in the instructional videos is only marginal, and sometimes poor. You won’t be able to hear everything he is saying, and it’s too bad because his instruction and coaching cues are excellent. Also, some of the camera shots aren’t all that great, and the overall video quality is so-so. If you’re a complete beginner and have never done any of these exercises before, you may have trouble figuring out exactly what to do.

Also, when I said this program is very much like TACFIT Commando, I meant it! There is only one training protocol included for the moderate and high intensity training sessions – the 20/10×8 protocol (20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times). I’m one who wishes there was more variety, and I’m not a fan of using just one primary training protocol for months at a time, but as long as you know about this ahead of time, it’s not a big mark off.

All that said, the content and information is solid, as is the instruction. So, if you don’t care about the formatting issues, then there really isn’t much to not like about TACFIT Survival.

The Bottom Line: Who is this product best-suited for?

The bottom line is that TACFIT Survival is a superb fitness program. Overall, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when taking an objective look at the entire product and evaluating what it can do for you. There is a lot of value delivered with this simple program, and the price is unmatched in an industry stuffed with over-priced, useless training programs that don’t cater to an individuals needs like TACFIT programs do.

Now, again, I haven’t used TACFIT Survival myself (outside of one training session so far), but after taking one look at the program, I am beyond sure that you will burn fat, build muscle, and improve your conditioning while injury-proofing your body and fine-tuning some tactical-specific movement skills. Obviously, you’ll also be gaining all of the other benefits that come along with an exercise program.

So, if you’re a TACFIT veteran or a martial artist who is looking for a new conditioning system to try out, then TACFIT Survival is a no-brainer. You’ll be well-served and you’ll probably love it. It may even rock your world, or something like that. That said, I think anyone who is interested in a high standard of fitness would enjoy TACFIT Survival as well. It’s just another solid program that will provide you with good physical training folks – plain and simple. But as I often say, that doesn’t mean that TACFIT Survival is the right product for everybody, which is why you need to see it for yourself.

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TACFIT Survival Review

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19 Responses

  1. How is the Clubbell 5×5 Mass Bonus program? I don’t think I am going to purchase this as I already have Commando , Warrior, and plenty of other Tacfit to work on for awhile. Sure it is good, but money is tight these days and have an overabundance of programs to work on.

    • It’s excellent! It was actually the first thing I looked at after downloading everything because I’ve been guilty of loving clubbell training a little too much.

  2. John, I truly appreciate your early reviews of these TacFit/CST programs when I’m trying to make a decision. It is a huge help. Especially when I must decide where to put to best use limited funds (and not just for curiosty’s sake) when new programs are released. I’ve found that ALL of the TacFit/CST programs are excellent and I always want them all. However, since this is not possible for me, your reviews provide additional insight into these programs that are not available on their ‘sales’ pages. Mega thanks and appreciation to you!1

    • Sometimes, I feel like a broken record because I like almost all of the TACFIT programs and have great things to say about each of them, but I’m happy to offer my two cents every time I have a chance. It’s a good thing it went on sale on Friday because I only worked half a day and actually had time to check out the program and write the review. I can’t promise I’ll always get something published in time, but I’ll do my best. Thanks for the kind words, Priyam.

  3. Any details you can provide about the Clubbell bonus, like what was unique about it and are their different levels of sophistication etc?

    • I have only had time to look at the Clubbell bonus. First of all, it is in B&W format – I would have preferred seeing it in color because the European version of the RMAX clubbell was being used. This version is coming to America sometime in the future (http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=864). The video is 25 minutes long. Alberto is sometimes difficult to listen to but his instruction on the video is exemplary. I’m currently at the alpha level on King of Clubs and I honestly don’t remember Scott mentioning keeping the feet stationary whereas Alberto pointed it out. Maybe Scott taught it at the Delta level and I subliminally adopted the importance. On another movement, Alberto changes the angle slightly but makes for what I suspect is an even more strength building method. Then Alberto does exercises that I never would have thought of doing with clubbells, including one that could be a progression for helping out on muscle-ups on the bar. He adds little twists on some of exercises that definitely adds a strength element that made me realize that using a clubbell instead of parallettes could be beneficial. Another exercise makes me wish I had the European version but I’m curious to see how I will do with my CBs. Alberto alluded to the fact that he is planning to expand on the 5×5 – almost sounded like he might be coming out with a clubbell training package. I hope he does because I really liked his instruction. At the end of the teaching of the movements, Alberto explained how to do the 5×5 routine. I wish there as a manual to go with this but that is because I like referring to written material on the protocol.

      As for the rest of the program, I unfortunately don’t have time today or tomorrow to go through it all. I briefly looked at the manual and it is similar to the TacGym and newer releases. Part II of the manual I especially like because if I don’t fully understand what is on the video I can refer to this section of the manual for verbal details.

  4. I second what Priyam noted. Thanks John !

  5. Just a quick note to emphasize a theme in TacFit Survival that seems to be underplayed. The movements are more ‘martial’ than previous TacFit courses (with a couple of individual exceptions.) The movements are drawn from Dr. Dennis’ Survival Jiu Jitsu, which is like jiu jitsu through a Krav Maga lens (somewhat oversimplified).

    If you are a combatives person, you’ll find a lot to like about TacFit Survival.

    • Thanks for reiterating that, Scott. Sometimes, I gloss over details like this because I’m not familiar with the foundational system, in this case Survival Jiujitsu – never even heard of it. To me, it just looks like good movement, and particularly for groundfighters.

  6. Thanks Martin for the breakdown of the Clubbell bonus. The order page for Survival mentions this about clubbell program , ” This is just a taste of my new strength and functional hypertrophy program that will come out shortly”. I think I will wait for that one, since I have a lot of Tacfit programs I still haven’t gone through . Plus Shane Heins is bringing out a new program as well.

  7. I have been reviewing tacfit survival over the past few days. Initially – my view was – this looks simple – not sure where this will add to my existing set of programmes. However, taking the time to look into the moves, listening to the incredible instruction – I believe this will be a major benefit. I also like the way the prasara flow and cool down is demonstrated – using other individuals, and increased camera angles really helps. The overall setup I would describe as just right – not over complex, but powerful, and relevant.
    I have just received 2 clubbells from the Europe Xenios supplier (I am in England). The quality is absolutely superb. These are works of art, as well as impressive strength tools. I highly recommend using these. The Clubbell 5*5 again has excellent instruction – and I think Alberto will be answering those critics of the clubbell as a strength builder. I highly recommend anyone giving this a shot, and don’t be fooled by the simplicity – this is tough, but accessible. Great work to Alberto and Scott for developing TACFIT still further.

    • Stuart, how much did you pay for shipping? I’m in London and I would like to buy a pair but the shipping costs are deterring me.

      • Yes shipping was not cheap it was 60 EUROs to deliver a 12 and 15 kg pair of clubbells. I guess the weight drives some of that and it was from Europe, not local to UK. So if you decide to buy, get all you need in one hit to make the shipping costs worthwhile. The service from Xenios was great as is the product. Best clubs I have seen.

        • I wanted to buy a 25lb one and it was around €100 for the clubbell and €100 for the shipping!
          It was an Italian man I was dealing with. I would like to buy 2 15lbs clubbells so we’ll see what quotes I get two months after my last invoice

  8. Kevin Capps


    I sent you the receipt for the discounted TacFit Survival package that was ordered this last weekend. I used your link to the TacFit Survival page. I never received the bonus regarding the Double Leg Swoop Coaching Video.


    • Kevin,

      Sorry for the delay. I just sent your bonus video along. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.


  9. just wonder exactly how this program compares to tacfit commando. trying to choose between the two.

    • Connor,

      They are quite similar in formatting, but TACFIT Commando has about three times as much material and programs to go through. Both utilize somewhat unconventional movement training methods, but as Scott commented above, TACFIT Survival has more “martial-style” exercises.

      If it helps, I’ve reviewed TACFIT Commando (twice actually).

      My first review here on Physical Living:

      And I had received so much feedback and questions about it over the last couple years, that I actually created a whole website to provide a much more exhaustive review and answer frequently asked questions:


      Practically everything you would ever need to know about TACFIT Commando is there. And of course, if you have any further questions, just let me know.

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