The best rowing exercises (horizontal pulling) for your upper back – video tutorial by John Sifferman

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Horizontal rows are a great compound exercise that will help you develop pulling strength in a very applicable way. If you think about it, we all pull things from time to time – from picking something up off the floor, to starting a lawnmower (or snowblower for those who live near I do). Not only do we need horizontal pulling strength for everyday situations, it also plays a big role in many athletic activities as well. Sports like wrestling, grappling, and American football all require pulling strength almost constantly – to clinch or tackle.

Most importantly, pulling strength is just a natural ability we should all possess. The most important situation that would require pulling strength would be someone who does a lot of bench pressing exercises. Doing horizontal rows will help you balance out your body in both functionality and physique – increasing your overall strength, helping to prevent injury by balancing out strength deficits, and showing other people that you don’t just train the muscles you can see in the mirror.

Here is a video tutorial on some of my favorite rowing exercises for horizontal pulling strength:

The Best Horizontal Pulling Exercises

Your Question of the Day is: What other rowing variations have you tried?

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