The BodyFat Solution is Coming: check out what just arrived in the mail the other day

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I always love getting packages in the mail, even when I already know what is coming. This time, I had a good feeling that I would be getting a copy of Tom Venuto’s best-selling book, but I couldn’t be sure. Tom sent me an obscure e-mail, briefly mentioning to watch the mail for a “gift.” I was brimming with anticipation all week, and then it finally arrived. Take a look at what was inside…

The BodyFat Solution is Coming

From what I’ve read so far, this book is simply amazing – and will empower thousands, if not millions of people to change their lives.

Here’s a brief look at the table of contents:

Part 1: Setting the Stage

Chapter 1 – BodyFat: A New Understanding of the Problem
Chapter 2 – Body Fat Myths and Why We Believe Them
Chapter 3 – Attitudes and Beliefs That Set the Stage for Success
Chapter 4 – Freedom From Emotional Eating

Part 2: The Five Principles

Chapter 5 – Mental Training Solution: Setting Goals and Reprogramming Your Mind for Automatic Success
Chapter 6 – The High-Low Nutrition Solution: How to Burn Fat Automatically and Feel Fuller on Less Food
Chapter 7 – The “E-Max” Fat-Burning Solution: Maximizing Your Metabolism and Burning More Calories 24 Hours a Day
Chapter 8 – The “Lean Muscle” Training Solution: Reshaping Your Body and Getting Leaner with Weight Training
Chapter 9 – The Social Support Solution: Recruiting Friends, Family, Peers, and Mentors into Your Support Circle

Part 3: Putting It All Together

Chapter 10 – Planning, Organizing, and Implementing: Focusing on Priorities, Putting it all together, and getting started right
Chapter 11 – Keeping Score and Staying on Track: How to Monitor Your Progress, Make Yourself Accountable, and Break any Plateau
Chapter 12 – Staying Lean and Staying Strong: Secrets of Maintaining Your Perfect Weight for Life

Appendix 1 – Stay Connected, Get Support, and Learn More at the BodyFat Solution Online
Appendix 2 – Body Fat Solution Recommended Foods

When I read through this list, this is what I see…

Tom has given an extensive solution to the underlying problems that create excess bodyfat. These solutions are based on principles, and are used for the purpose of fixing the source of the problem, instead of honing in on one of the sites of a problem (as so many popular diet programs do: such as eliminating carbs or fats from a diet, or restricting calories, etc.). I know Tom is sick and tired of “weight loss guru’s” trying to put a band-aid on a gunshot wound when it comes to fat loss.

This book gives a global, “big picture” perspective on how to shed excess bodyfat. Right in the introduction, Tom makes note that the key to the success of the BodyFat Solution is summed up in one word: simplicity.

The first part of the book is entirely devoted to educating you – to empowering you. Part 2 contains the essential ingredients of a successful fat loss plan, a plan that will help you lose weight permanently and naturally. I see all the important topics covered such as goal setting, maximizing the metabolic response to burn more calories, strength training, the “missing link” and success element we call social support, and of course, nutrition.

It only seems proper that the end of the book is meant to empower you even more with the power of simplicity, where Tom shows you exactly how to make all of this new information work for you and your lifestyle.

I haven’t finished the book yet, and I’m sure you’ll get my official review once I’m done. But from what I can see now, this book very well could change the face of the weight loss problem we have today. The truth is though, it’s not up to Tom to change the lives of millions through the adoption of healthier habits. It’s up to you.

The BodyFat Solution (hardcover) will ship January 8, 2009. For more information including a special sneak peek inside the book, visit:

Or, pick up your copy by clicking the banner. Hold onto your seat, because the weight loss revolution is coming by storm in January!

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Manager of Burn The Fat Dot Com

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