The Clubbell Mass Evolution Lower Body Workout

Shane Heins
My friend Shane Heins (before clubbell mass evolution)

The Clubbell Mass Evolution is a new muscle building workout program by CST Head Coach, Shane Heins. Shane is a personal friend of mine and he was very kind to let me beta-test his upcoming program this past summer. I spent 6 weeks test-driving it, and was quite happy with the results (more on that later).

Fast-forward a few months and the Clubbell Mass Evolution just went for sale today. I just finished downloading my copy this morning (took a couple hours even with my lightning-fast, fiber optics internet connection) and will be pouring over the materials later tonight. From the results I got after only 6 weeks and from the brief look I gave the program materials this morning, this is a real treasure folks.

If you’ve got clubbells (or have been considering some), and you have a goal to pack on the mass, then I can tell you with no hesitation that this is the best clubbell-based mass building program currently available.

This is a lower-body intensive workout right out of the Clubbell Mass Evolution, and is just a teaser for what’s to come. There’s a whole lot more…

The Clubbell Mass Evolution Lower Body Workout

Here’s the workout write-up:

Repeat circuit up to 10 times, 4-6 repetitions per exercise, no rest between exercises, and 60-90 seconds of rest between circuits:

Double clubbell shoulder park squat
Two-handed side rock-its
Rear-lunge head cast
Two-handed front swings
Standing big wheel
Dragon squat lift-up

* Rest times should be used to lower your heart rate, catch your breath, and shake out any excess tension via vibration drills.
**This session is sandwiched between some joint mobility warmup exercises and Prasara yoga cooldown exercises.

Note that I did not include the activity-specific warmups or compensatory cooldown exercises in the video, which are an integral component of any fitness program – especially when muscle building is the main goal. This leads me to my last point for today.

Explicit attention to detail was given when developing, testing, and refining this training program. Shane had a host of beta-testers to offer him feedback and advice about the program. Every aspect of the product has been of the highest quality and professional in nature. I know that Shane already has more plans for future product releases in the future, and he’s setting the bar very high with his first product. Well done, Shane!

Stay tuned until tomorrow for a more exhaustive product review, along with some notes about my experience and results from using the Clubbell Mass Evolution.

More Information:

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14 Responses

  1. Hey John looks pretty intense! i can’t wait to get ahold of the program so i can start putting on the mass!. How much did you gain while on the program?

  2. What weight clubbells are you using in the video? Looks like a bruiser (45lb) on the left, and maybe a pair of 25’s and a 15?

    • That’s exactly right. I wish I had a 35 lb CB for some of the workouts in this one, but you use what you’ve got. You can decrease the challenge by choking up on the clubbell grip when necessary.

  3. Shane has done a great job with this program!
    Excellent Production and although I haven’t had time to watch most of it the instruction is top-notch. I am currently working through Tacfit Spetsnaz(another awesome program) and I am looking to get some heavy clubs for the two-handed work.

    I currently have pairs of 15s,10s, and 5s. I am thinking of going with the Bruiser JR (35) for this program or do you think It would be more advisable to start ligher with a 25 perhaps?

    Looking forward to reading about the gains you had in the 6 weeks you tested.

    Keep up the good work on the blog and Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks for that feedback Miykael. I’m glad you like the program. Shane has really put together an excellent package.

      re: clubbell weight

      That’s a tough call, but I would probably steer you towards the 35. The 25 will be far too light for some of the two-handed exercises – and a big factor in this program is using the heaviest weight you can handle. With the 35, you can always choke up on the grip when a particular exercise is too challenging.

      I bought a single 45 when I ordered my 15’s, and in hindsight, it would have been better to start with the 35 instead. It took much longer to adapt to the 45 than it would have had I made a more gradual transition.

      Enjoy the program, and I’d love to hear about your results using it. I’ll be posting my results in another post today.

  4. P.S Wish I saw that you were promoting Warrior and this program earlier or I would of clicked on your affiliate link. Next time I will keep an eye out.

  5. Great representation of the program John. From the consummate professional and movement geek you are, I would expect nothing less. Awesome look into the program. Look forward to the review:)


  6. Great review John,

    I downloaded program today – took me 45 minutes with using DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) and fast line ;-). Meanwhile when downloaded I noted a light mind map to organize all the files properly.

    It’s hard to me wait to start this Shane’s excellent program. But I will do KB Spetsnaz first… and maybe TC Warrior… It seems to me that 2011 is planned.

    • I guess I’m old school – clicking each link manually and “saving file as…” :D

      You’ve got a lot of goodies – just stick with one at a time, and you’ll love each program. I’m partial to heavy clubbell training in winter-time, but it’s all good stuff any time of the year.

  7. Too bad I can’t watch the video because it contains music from Sony and I can’t play these vids in Germany.
    Hey, why do you sports guys put stupid music in trainings videos in the first place? If I want music I go dancing, not clubbelling or rope climbing or sprinting. Music in sports vids is as annoying as music in shopping malls. Noise pollution. :-(
    Rant over.

    Beside that: thanks for the information about the program. Solid work as usual. :-)

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