They said that butter will kill you

butter = poison

They said that butter will kill you.
They said that red meat will kill you.
They said that eggs will kill you.
They said that sugar will kill you.
They said that carbs will kill you.

They also said that we need to eat low fat, low carbs, and even no carbs.

They even said that trans fats are safe and that refined oils are healthy.

And for awhile, they had most Americans convinced that red wine is a miracle health elixir.

They’ve said all kinds of things like that.

And we’re expected to trust these people?

Obviously, we should be careful who we get our health, fitness, and medical advice from. So, what do we do?

Well, I know it’s not popular, but in my opinion, you can’t go wrong if you turn to timeless wisdom, experience, and science (i.e. actual science by those and for those who understand it – not the stuff that passes for science in mainstream journalism these days).

And it should go without saying that it’s pretty risky to get your health/fitness/medical advice from:

a) slick marketers who are only ever trying to sell you something
b) people who are brand new to the industry or have no reputation at all
c) people who have extremely controversial views
d) journalists or the news, in general
e) Dr. Oz, Gary Taubes, Tim Ferris, or the like

Instead, learn from those people who base their work on one or more of these areas: timeless wisdom, experience, and science. And stay away from the ones who don’t. And if you come across someone who focuses on all three (e.g. John Berardi, Scott Sonnon, and Tom Venuto, just to name a few), stick with them because you’ve found a rare treasure of knowledge in a world over-saturated with information.

That is all.

Carry on.

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