Body Transformation with Clubbells and Circular Strength Training: watch John Sifferman transform his body using CST and clubbell training

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February 22, 2009 – Bodyweight Day

Bodyweight Training Session (round 5 demonstrated in video):

Repeat 10X, no rest between exercises, 30 seconds rest at the end of each circuit
Mixed Grip Pullups with ProFit Iron Gym (review here)
Dragon Twisting
Pushups with Rotating Pushup Handles (review here)
Lateral lunges
30 seconds rest (vibration drills from RESET program)

Rating Perceived Technique – 8/10
Rating Perceived Exertion – 6-8/10 (60-80% of max)
Rating Perceived Discomfort – 0

Notes: felt good, arms and legs were tight afterwards. Finished with a thorough full body vibration. Also did some 15 lb clubbell practice, various exercises (5 minutes)

May go for a late day walk and will definitely do some mobility training.

Eating casserole now :)

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and CST athlete

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