Clubbell Flow Evolution: The “Tempest Flow” Workout From the Cyclone Strength Cycle

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I put up a sample workout from the Clubbell Flow Evolution last Thursday, and soon after, I got a message about how the program doesn’t look any different from the prior programs that Shane Heins has released (Clubbell Mass Evolution and Clubbell Hero Evolution). Well, well, well! That couldn’t be more wrong, and I’ll admit, the blame is on me. It may be because of two reasons:

1) In the first Clubbell Flow Evolution workout video that I posted last week, I merely demonstrated ONE round of ONE portion of ONE workout from ONE cycle of ONE of the three programs contained within the Clubbell Flow Evolution. To put it simply, there are TONS of workouts contained in the Clubbell Flow Evolution, and there’s no way I could represent the entire product with one video. It just wouldn’t do it justice – not even close.

2) I have a thing for two-handed training, and thus, that’s why I chose that particular footage for my demo video.

However, what I did NOT get across in the workout video is how the workouts progress from cycle to cycle.

So, if you were reading my Clubbell Flow Evolution Review and were wondering what I meant when I said: “In each of the three programs, rudimentary exercises eventually progress into combination routines, which eventually progress into sophisticated clubbell training flows.”

THIS is what I meant…

Here’s another video of some footage I shot while beta-testing the program. This is out of the same program as the previous video (Cyclone Strength), but it’s a different/later cycle, in which clubbell flows are used as the primary means of intensity training (instead of multiple-repetition circuits). If you watch closely, you’ll see that I’m using the same exact movements that were used in the last video, except this time they’ve been linked together into a flow. And if you’ve never seen a clubbell flow before – prepare to have your eyes opened!

Pretty cool, huh?

And like I said, pretty eye-opening if you’ve never trained like this before. I remember how cool it was when I first did my first flow-type of training and started to understand the endless possibilities.

In fact, I’d like to take a guess at one of Shane’s intentions by creating a system for working your way into clubbell flows. You see, once you understand the concept of a clubbell flow, and have experienced a systematic progression for how to get there safely and effectively, you now have a tool in your training arsenal that you can reuse and re-purpose in the future. After going through the Clubbell Flow Evolution, one can link together any combination of clubbell exercises to create new and original flows – creating a virtually unlimited array of advanced training options for a lifetime of clubbell training enjoyment. Then again, maybe I’m completely wrong. But if I’m right, do you see where this is going?

Like I said in the review: CBFE is the perfect legacy for the clubbell evolution series. In releasing this system to the public, Shane is giving you the keys to perpetual clubbell training success because he believes you can do it. And from the time I’ve spent with his system so far, he’s made me a believer!

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10 Responses

  1. Dig it. Tame that Clubbell, my man. Tame it!

    • Just another day of fun on the porch. You understand, of course.

  2. Wintanclan

    Thanks John for posting this! An eye-opener indeed.

    This is the one video to watch in order to get what the “Flow-Evolution” moniker means. And it’s the video I was hoping to see before making my purchase decision. But as also Shane didn’t put something like this in his promotion materials I had to eventually just trust my intuition of where Shane would take this and make the jump without.
    So from a very satisfied returning customer of the evolution series: This is the real deal. Hurry and get it while the sale is still on. And if you missed the sale, then just get it anyways and get swinging!

  3. John (aka Wish I Were Riding)

    You make it look smooth and almost easy. I’m sure I’ll get confused while working on my “flow”.

    • When you practice enough and rehearse the flow, it is easy – at least until minute 6 or 7.

  4. Awesome, John. You are one strong flowing Dude!! Thanks for posting. I grabbed the CBFE thanks to your insightful info packed review.

  5. Hey John, what is your take on Scott’s “The Encyclopedia Of Clubbell Training” vs this one of Shane’s “The Flow”?

    • Hi James,

      If you can only get one, get Shane’s Clubbell Flow Evolution. It’s by-far a superior product and a much better value for your money. That said, the Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training does have a wider selection of exercises, and includes instruction on all of the traditional clubbell exercises. So, if you just want a volume of exercises to work through, and/or you want to pursue CST Instructor certification, the Encyclopedia may be a better first purchase.

      If you have any further questions, just let me know – happy to help.

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