The Clubbell Hero Evolution – First Impressions

Clubbell Hero Evolution
A masked Gymnos Evolution - the creator of the Clubbell Hero Evolution.

My good friend, Shane Heins, just released a new clubbell training program called the Clubbell Hero Evolution. I have had the opportunity to test drive two sessions out of the “Thor” strength cycle that Shane sent me a couple weeks ago.

Truth be told, I wanted to be more prepared for this product launch, but business has been busy lately and I just haven’t had the time. You’ll just have to wait for the masked, red-headed, leotard-toting super-villain to reveal his true identity at a later date… Anyways, having just downloaded the full program this morning, I thought I’d give you my initial thoughts while the launch sale is still running (35% off until Friday, July 15. Yep, that’s THIS Friday!).

Overall, this new program is not all that different from the Clubbell Mass Evolution, which is a clubbell-based muscle-building program that Shane released late last year (review here). I gave Shane a glowing review for CME when it was first released in December – loved everything about it and still strongly recommend it especially with the new updates he has added. I remember saying at the end of my CME product review that “if we can expect programs of this caliber in the future, then I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.”

Well, it’s finally here and my first impressions are that this is another superb program packaged in another superb product.

What I Like About The Clubbell Hero Evolution

There’s a lot to love about the Clubbell Hero Evolution, and I’m just going to cover the major considerations…

First off, there’s a really cool theme, and it’s not just a marketing hook. The Clubbell Hero Evolution (CHE) is modeled on the Hero’s Journey, and you’ll actually experience this in the training materials themselves. Each different cycle represents a different part of the Hero’s Journey, and you’ll be coached on how to walk through that particular step each training cycle.

The idea behind it is that this is a program that gets down to the true purpose of why you’re training. It’s not just a physical training program, in that, it’s only goal is to improve your fitness levels. It’s literally about building hero-like qualities into your daily life.  Think of it as a simple personal development system that rides on the superhero theme and is fueled by an intelligent, challenging training program.

Speaking of which, you would think that it would come across as overly-dramatic, or dare I say, cheesy. But it doesn’t at all. Shane has captured a balanced blend of fun in a serious training program – something he’s a master of, by the way. And by serious, I mean seriously hard! The high intensity session that I ran through not too long ago left me feeling… well, let’s just say… less than a superhero.

Which leads me to my next point. The CHE program will absolutely deliver on the conditioning effects you’re after. It’ll help you build muscle and burn fat to reveal that lean hard-body physique that so many of us are after. Any fitness coach who is familiar with clubbell training would be able to take one look at the program and tell you it will deliver on its claims because of how it’s been programmed. You’ll develop strength, endurance, coordination, and the full gamut of benefits that clubbell training offers.

As is typical with CST-based products, you can expect CHE to be intelligently designed and extensively tested. I know Shane has a dedicated group of beta-testers whom he works with directly to test and refine his products, and I also know that he uses the feedback he receives to improve the product.

On to the program itself. It starts off with a good introduction that explains some of the basic tenets of CST to help you get started right away. Like his former CME program, the goal is action and ease of implementation. Shane wants you to get started on the right track immediately, so he’s made it as easy as possible to follow the program. This is truly another plug-and-play program with hardly any extraneous information.

If you’ve used the CME program in the past, then it should go without saying that Shane is very meticulous about offering clear instructions for the warmups, cooldowns, and clubbell exercises. The instructional videos are clear and there are even detailed notes for getting the most out of each cycle. Speaking of which, there are several brand new, never-before-seen clubbell exercises included in this program, too.

If all of that wasn’t enough already, there are four different training schedules to follow meaning that anyone regardless of schedule can start this program. It doesn’t get any easier than this to follow a workout program folks.

Top that off with professional film production and editing, a straightforward and well-designed quick-start manual, and an improved system for downloading the Gigabytes worth of files (thanks for listening, Shane!), and you have a very well-rounded product.

Bonus Advantage: There are some epic superhero photos and even some cool artwork from Shane’s wife, too!

Clubbell Hero Evolution Cons

Yet again, I’m at a loss for legitimate complaints. This is an effective plug-and-play program which clearly outlines exactly what you need to do to follow the curriculum and even provides four different schedules to make sure that anyone can do so. With extensive beta-testing, professional product quality, and a laser-clear delivery model, it’s hard to find fault with the Clubbell Hero Evolution.

Now, that doesn’t mean Shane will get off Scott-free. Oh no no no! Maybe I’m just blind (or had a download problem), but I only see follow-along videos for a couple of the clubbell training sessions – maybe the rest of them will be coming in a future update or I’ll just need to redownload the zip file.

Sample Workout Demo From The Clubbell Hero Evolution (Last of 5 Rounds)

Final Words

The Clubbell Hero Evolution definitely deserves to be put to the test, and I wish I could have done that for you. Though, I have not completed the program, I can tell you with confidence that the Clubbell Hero Evolution will absolutely fulfill its claims.  Shane is a solid coach and even after taking only one brief look at the four different training cycles, I know this will work.

If I wasn’t knee deep in my own clubbell training program preparing for the upcoming CST seminar, I would be giving the Clubbell Hero Evolution a test-drive. But now that I think about it, my wife actually just finished Clubbell Mass Evolution, and has been itching for something new. This looks like it will fit the bill nicely.

One last thing that may be of interest to some of you. The last cycle of the Clubbell Hero Evolution is actually programmed quite similarly to some of the programs I’ve created for myself in the past. So, there must be something to it!

And on a related note, if Shane keeps cranking out these awesome clubbell programs, I’ll never need to do the same. Keep ’em coming buddy!

Who is this product best-suited for?

That’s an easy one. If you have clubbells (or would like some) and want to burn fat and build muscle while systematically developing the qualities of superheroes through lifestyle-focused physical training, then you need to buy the Clubbell Hero Evolution. Pick up your copy at the official site here:

Click Here to Order the Clubbell Hero Evolution

Clubbell Hero Evolution - Complete Package

*Don’t miss out on the launch week 35% discount expiring Friday, July 15 at midnight!

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  1. Hey John, you should have 14 CB follow-along videos. Try to download that file again.

    • OK, will do – thanks Andy!

    • Haha! Yeah I saw that and thought “WHAT!!”
      That dastardly villain came in and swiped them before you could see them all. ; )

      • He’s definitely a crafty one – almost had me convinced it was just a technical glitch, but now I know better.

  2. I went ahead and ordered through your link. I have so many programs to do in the future (TACFIT,GMB, Shapeshifter, CBME, Blackbook etc) , but I have to take care of some imbalances in the bod first. Been working on Prasara Primer and mobility. Occasionally some CLub work and metcons.

    Did a quick glance through the manual, looks like a very well thought out program that will give results for sure. Always good to see more Clubbell programs on the market.

    Like how the downloads were organized. Great job Shane and Andy too :)

    • Thanks a ton, Miykael – it definitely makes a difference. The Prasara Primer will serve you well until you’re ready to tackle one of those programs.

  3. John. My man.

    As you know, I have always been a fan of your reviews. If I know you’ve done one for ones I’m interested in (and new ones I’d never heard of alike), this is the first place I come to. They have always been clear, detailed and most of all HONEST! And that really comes across in everything you do. And I have alot of respect for you and what you do here.

    Which was why I had asked the first go around with the Clubbell Mass Evolution. Whether you liked, loved or hated it, I knew what got said would reflect it unbiasedly for all who come (like me) to get a solid sense of what I’m getting, along with your personal and professional insights, without all the “noise”.

    Well okay, not completely unbiased this time, as I knew you had a soft spot for super hero’s. ;D

    Thanks again for your thoughts on the Clubbell Hero Evolution. May it be of service to anyone looking for the right fit in their continued personal evolution towards living a more vibrant, fulfilling life!


    • My pleasure, Shane. Your products are among the easiest to review. And you got me, I’m a sucker for flashy capes and spandex ;-)

  4. I had just bought two 15lbs Clubbells, and then bought Shane’s CBME not long ago. I was surprised how heavy those 15lbs were, so I bought Shane’s Survive and Thrive:Earthquake program as it was simple, cheap, and uses one Clubbell. Figured I’d get a handle on that before trying CBME.
    So I have but haven’t started CBME and then Hero comes along. Is is different enough to get or can I save my bucks? I kind of want to save my money for Coach Sonnon’s upcoming Clubbell Tacfit module which he says is coming “soon”. That said I really enjoy Shane’s teaching style.
    One thing I will say is that CBME is kind of a hassle to download and then wrangle into watchable parts. I end up streaming the videos to my Apple TV, but mowing through each instruct-able video is a hassle. I’ll probably end up doing what I did for Tacfit Warrior, and converting and creating a DVD for it. I wish Shane and Sonnon would have a download of ISO ready to burn DVD files for their programs, to save us all a huge hassle.
    That said I thank them for their health-first workouts!

    • That’s great feedback, Chance. I hope Shane reads this, too.

      Think of CHE as a different program with four months of additional training you can follow – new exercises, new workouts, and new training modalities. CHE is also more of a general body transformation program, whereas CME was specifically for muscle building. Other than that, they’re very similar products. If it’s any help, the download process was much smoother this time around.

      Enjoy those clubbells!

    • For details on the difference between CBME and CBHE, Shane covered it pretty succinctly here:

      We’re going to look into reorganizing the download area of CBME once things calm down from this new launch.

    • Chance, yes. Just wanted to also chime and let you know there’s going to be a little bit of overhauling with CBME. All of you who own it, will get the updates of course. Thanks again for your feedback. It’s what helps us bring better, more accessible training resources for all of you to take advantage of.

      All the best with your training!

  5. Hi John,
    I tried to order CBHE following your link but I just can’t find the “Buy” button anywhere on Shane’s site.
    Did I make something wrong, or is the program not released yet?

    • Hi Marcus,

      The program was released last week, but I think Shane took it off the market for awhile (after the initial sale ended). I’m not sure why he did this so soon because some people do miss the initial announcement. You can try contacting him to see if you can still get a copy and/or when he will be making it available again.

      • I tried to contact Shane via his CBHE site, but got no answer so far.
        I think, it is bit strange to take a program off the market after only a few days…
        Anyway, thanks for your help, John.

        • I agree. It’s very strange, especially without an explanation. Good luck!

          • It’s not for sale right now because the initial sale was technically a “pre-sale” in that some of the components were not complete – hence the short-lived and heavily-discounted sale price.

            We’re planning to give two additional bonuses to current members later this week.

            Once we’re satisfied that everything is ready and functioning the way we want it to, we’ll begin selling the ‘final’ version of CBHE.

  6. Just watched your 20 Minutes of Continuous Clubbell Practice…that will keep me busy a few days trying to learn those!

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