TACFIT 26 Qual Workout

Reminder: today is the last day to get the TACFIT 26 program with all the additional bonuses for $50 off the normal price. The sale ends at midnight!

I quickly spliced together some footage from a TACFIT 26 workout I tried the other day. This is from the TACFIT 26 Qual Workouts (instructor level), and it uses the 20/10 X 8 + 60 protocol that is a signature method in the TACFIT arsenal. Said another way, you should perform each exercise for 8 sets of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, with 1 minute of rest between exercises.

The exercises are:

Rear lunge
Pull Plank
Sit Thru Extension
Screwing Pushup
Spinal Rock Pike
Tripod Overhead Extension

Have a look-see:

Now, that’s just one of the 108 workouts contained in Scott Sonnon’s new TACFIT 26 program, and I didn’t even include the warmup/cooldown protocol, but hopefully that gives you a good general idea for what some of the workouts will be like. And sorry about the corny background music. I’m short on time today, and had to use some stock footage and literally just throw the video together, but I wanted to get you guys something before the launch sale expires.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the program, check out my TACFIT 26 Review, where I discuss some of my first impressions of the program.

Also, note that it’s on sale with some special bonuses through tonight at midnight (ie 4/15/13). So, act accordingly!

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  1. Sternocleidomastoid


    Even with the comprehensive review, I have to say I’m still a fan of Tacfit Commando. I don’t own either though. For months I’ve been using basic bodyweight strength training and Coach Sonnon’s Tacfit Firefighter Challenge while saving up money for TF Commando. Now that I can actually buy my own copy, I can no longer access the site. Is it phased out?

    • As far as I know, the site is still up (works for me), and the program is still selling like hot-cakes :)

      And FYI, I’ve got a special deal worked out with RMAX for TACFIT Commando. Details here: http://tacfitcommandotruth.com/special-offer/

      • Sternocleidomastoid

        Whoa! Thanks! I’m glad I checked this site before purchasing the basic (as my budget won’t allow a deluxe edition). Now I can get the deluxe edition for the price of basic.

        Thank you!

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