The Clubbell Flow Evolution – Complete Review

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is a health-first clubbell training program that is meant to help people enact positive lifestyle change through the conduit of physical transformation. It is a user-friendly, plug and play fitness training program that caters to an individual’s skill and conditioning level to help them burn fat, build muscle, and improve strength and conditioning while also developing the character qualities they desire to embody on an every day basis.

Broad and deep. Those are two words that come to mind after previewing the actual product materials in the Clubbell Flow Evolution. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of the program to beta test several weeks ago, and I’ve been pouring over it ever since so that I could bring you this product review today. Now that I’ve downloaded and previewed the actual finalized product materials themselves, I’m practically speechless. OK, ok, if you know me – I’m not exactly speechless, but this is a seriously impressive program – one that has transcended far beyond my expectations. But I guess I should have expected that from the likes of Shane Heins who is infamous for over-delivering on everything he creates. The nerve!

Clubbell Flow Evolution

Just this morning, I stumbled across a Clubbell Flow Evolution product review by CST Head Coach John Belkewitch (see here), and I wanted to share something he said that struck a chord with me. John is a fitness coach and physical culturist whom I admire and respect, and I think he hit the nail on the head when he said: “If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take with me one clubbell program that’s currently out there on the market, it would absolutely be Clubbell Flow Evolution.” That is so spot-on, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. So, if you’re on the fence, I’d suggest taking John’s advice and just go for it. You won’t regret it, and if you’re still doubting, the rest of this review will help you to see why.

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is, first and foremost, a physical conditioning system that draws on the many unique advantages of the Circular Strength Training system and the clubbell training tool. But it is so much more than that, in that, it is a road map to help one transform not just their body, but their entire life by drawing on the catalyst of physical transformation. Needless to say, there’s a lot to it. So, in this review, I’m going to go deep into the main reasons why this is such an outstanding program and provide you with as much information as I can to help you make up your mind about whether it’s right for you.

Clubbell Flow Evolution – What is it?

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is the third installment in the Clubbell Evolution training series, and it quite appropriately completes the trinity of Shane’s clubbell training products. I’ve reviewed the prior two programs in the past, with extremely favorable remarks, and I have and will continue to recommend them to clubbell training enthusiasts because they are both excellent in unique ways. In fact, the first two programs, Clubbell Mass Evolution and Clubbell Hero Evolution, were both so good that it’s hard to imagine making something even better, but the Clubbell Flow Evolution does just that. And I’m not talking just a little bit better either.

Clubbell Flow EvolutionThis new program is definitely a deeper evolution of Shane’s products, and the best way I can describe it is that the Clubbell Flow Evolution is a Quantum Leap beyond the first two in programming, delivery, and the potential for positively changing your life – not just your health and fitness. It’s on a new playing field in a league of its own. And it’s really fitting, too – being the final installment in the Clubbell Evolution series. It’s always good to go out with a bang, and Shane has done that, and more. And honestly, even though this is the last program in this series, I think he’s just getting started.

In terms of what you actually get when you purchase, you’re buying a digital (ie downloadable) comprehensive clubbell training program. It includes video and PDF files that you can view on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. There are instructional videos, workout follow-along videos, and warmup and cooldown videos, along with PDF manuals to help you streamline the process of learning the exercises and getting to work. Basically, everything you need to completely and fully follow the program and transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle for the better is laid out for you in digital format. ‘Nuf said.

Sneak peek of the first thing I like about Clubbell Flow Evolution: There are not one, but three comprehensive training programs in this product package. You read that right. This is not just one program. When you buy, you’re actually getting three programs in one, and get this. Each program is a whopping 9 months long! Yes, that’s over two years worth of training programs, and after spending all morning downloading the GIGS and GIGS of data using my ultra-high speed fiber optic internet, I can tell you with assurance that there is a LOT of material to work through. But more on that later.

Note: you’ll need at least 6 GB of hard drive space to download it all to your local computer. If you just don’t have the Gigs, you can stream it all online.

So, who is Shane Heins?

Shane Heins is the founder of the Dare to Evolve organization and is also a Head Coach for the Circular Strength Training system – the highest achievement in the CST coaching hierarchy. Shane also happens to be a friend of mine, and even though he’s a bit wacky at times (and even wackier in person), he’s a solid guy with a good head on his shoulders (and not just because he rocks a Mohawk).

And here’s the cool part, Shane is not a man trying to make a quick buck or sell as much merchandise as possible. Shane Heins is in the business of change, and his goal is to enact positive change in the lives of all those people whom he reaches through his Dare to Evolve platform. He is one of the most sincere, genuine men I’ve ever had the honor of calling my friend, and I can, without question, recommend that you follow his work and trust his word. And if you don’t know Shane already, once you’ve read through the Introductory Guide in the program materials, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

What I Like About Clubbell Flow Evolution

There is a lot to like about the Clubbell Flow Evolution, particularly because, as a product, this is a further evolution from Shane’s prior programs. All of the positive things I’ve said in the past about the other two programs also apply to this one – the quality, professionalism, value, user-friendliness, everything! So, I’ll try not to rehash too much and focus on the major points I want to get across to save us both some time (you can read the other reviews if you want to know ALL the details here and here).

As I said before, this is not just one program. You’re actually getting three programs in one package, for a total of 27 months worth of training programs. It’s an incredible amount of material to work through, and the best part is that each program caters to a unique goal that also coincides with what kind of equipment you have on hand. So, the first of those 9 month programs only requires a single 5 lb clubbell and it is meant for restorative and general movement quality purposes – improving mobility, relieving tension, etc. The next program requires a pair of moderately heavy clubbells for endurance-based, doubles training – perfect for athletes or those with high activity vocational demands (and also for fat loss goals). And the last program requires a single, heavier clubbell for strength/hypertrophy work. So, no matter what your goals are, you’ll be able to start with a program that is most suitable for you, instead of having to just follow along with a stock, cookie-cutter routine as best you can.

And that’s a big theme in the Clubbell Flow Evolution (CBFE): matching the program to the actual needs of the end user. The CBFE meets you where you are today – your skill level, conditioning level, everything – and that’s a rare quality in a do-it-yourself fitness program. There are four different training schedules that you can follow, so that you can match your program to your time available. There are even levels of commitment available in case you only want to devote X amount of time to the program (maybe you want to do something else alongside it). Couple that with different levels of exercise sophistication, levels of workout difficulty, and an intuitive self-coaching formula to make sure your workouts take you right to your edge, and no further, and you have an award-winning equation. It’s the epitome of customizable – as close as you can get without actually hiring a coach for one-on-one training.

Not only is there a ton of material to learn and digest, but each component is extremely thorough in its presentation, too. If you’ve used the Clubbell Mass Evolution and Clubbell Hero Evolution programs, then it’s probably too obvious to say that this new one will be extremely user-friendly. It’s literally plug and play easy. Everything is laid out for you in advance, and there’s no guesswork involved. You simply use the quick-start guide to figure out where to begin, and within minutes, you will have figured out exactly where to start and what to do. Of course, the downside of this benefit is that you’ll have no excuses not to succeed. All you need to do is apply effort and do the work. Yeah, Shane makes it that easy (ie hard) for you.

Now, I’ve been guilty of geeking out over topics like program design and periodization, among other things. So, I’ll try to contain myself on this next talking point, but let me just say that from what I can tell, the program design in Clubbell Flow Evolution is borderline-genius in its organization. Normally, when I’m evaluating a program for myself, I tend to think of ways that I might have changed a little detail here or there, but I had no such inclination while going through the training cycles. When I first took a look, I simply sat in a dumbfounded state of awe, saying to myself, things like, “that makes so much sense!” In fact, if you had been a fly on the wall when I first started going through it all, you may have seen inquisitive expressions and the occasional jaw drop. I seriously think that the program design is brilliant in its execution, and any fitness professional worth their credentials will be able to tell you with conviction that this program will be extremely effective for health-first body transformation purposes – regardless of which of the three programs you start with.

So, the bottom line is that this program works. It will help you completely transform your body from the inside out. If you follow the program and do the work, you’re going to be feeling better, moving better, and looking better – and I bet you’ll start to notice a difference after your first session. That’s part of the so-called magic of CST-inspired programs (it’s really just good programming) – they always leave you feeling better than when you started. Give it a couple of weeks, and you’ll noticeably feel much better and you’ll even start to notice some changes in the mirror. Give it a few months and it could literally change your life.

Another great thing about the Clubbell Flow Evolution is that there are lot’s of clever new exercises. There’s just a lot of new, fun stuff to be working on, but it doesn’t stop there. You see, Shane has created a systematic progression to get people using not just single exercises, but also combination routines and clubbell flows. These are advanced level training strategies, and the fact that Shane has included them as part of the curriculum tells me that Shane is putting his trust in the system, knowing that anyone can train themselves to a high level of proficiency with the right tools in place. In other words, he’s giving you the tools, and trusting you to use them effectively, a trademark of a selfless coach.

So, if you’ve been training with clubbells for years and think you’ve seen and tried it all – think again! There’s a ton of new stuff, and as I mentioned before, there is a borderline-genius implementation of incremental progression – one of the most important training principles to adhere to – no matter what your goal is. In each of the three programs, rudimentary exercises eventually progress into combination routines, which eventually progress into sophisticated clubbell training flows – and each stage is a seamless transition. This is textbook incremental progression, and it literally takes you by the hand until you are performing at a very high level of training.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all of the product materials are of top-notch quality. The videos, in particular, have superb audio and video quality – the best yet of all Shane’s programs. He went above and beyond what was necessary, and the quality shows. I just wish there weren’t so many Gigs of data!

This leads me to my last point in this section: value. Even at the full price, this is an incredibly great value. For less than the cost of a couple personal training sessions, you’re getting a comprehensive system to transform your body over the next two years or longer. Seriously, Shane could be charging that much for just ONE of the three programs, and by that logic, he could charge triple and I would still think it’s worth it. If you buy this program, and actually use it, then you will be not just satisfied, but thrilled that you invested the money. You won’t regret the decision to buy at all, but you must do the work.

OK, that’s enough involuntary gushing from the over-eager clubbell warrior…

What I don’t like

If there is one fault with the Clubbell Flow Evolution, it’s that I can’t find any fault at all. I really can’t, and if you’re a regular reader of mine, you know how hard I try and that I’m completely honest about how I feel about each program I review. Sorry, but I simply cannot find anything worth criticizing, except perhaps the absence of a superhero theme and a bonus leotard to train in. Maybe I will identify some drawbacks at some point in the future, and if so, I’ll update this review, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, if I were you.

The Bottom Line

I remember when Shane released his first program, Clubbell Mass Evolution, and I said that the product was so good that I only wish there was more. Well, the Clubbell Flow Evolution is the MORE I was looking for. This is hands-down, the single-best clubbell training program available today, and I’ve tried them all! So, I don’t care who you are. If you have clubbells (or would like some) and have a desire to radically transform your health, fitness, and your quality of life, then you need to buy the Clubbell Flow Evolution. Pick up your copy at the link below…

And if you have to get just one of Shane’s programs, and you’re trying to decide which one, make it the Clubbell Flow Evolution – not just because it’s a whole lot more material and programs to work through, but also because it’s the deepest and most sophisticated product that Shane has created thus far. It’s quite literally the perfect legacy product for the clubbell evolution series.

Now, before I send you off to check out the program for yourself, I must warn you: be prepared to do some introspection the moment you start going through the materials. If you’re thinking about getting this program just because you want a good workout, then you’ll miss the point of the entire program. There’s some deep stuff for true lifestyle transformation in here, and it’s only possible because Shane opened up and shared a piece of his heart with all those who will Dare to Evolve and find Serenity in the Hurricane we call life.

So, go forth and embrace the hurricane. You’ll learn more about what that really means at the official site and in the product materials themselves…

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Clubbell Flow Evolution


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13 Responses

  1. Kevin Dougherty

    Damn, John, you didn’t just nudged me off the proverbial fence. You catapulted me and I’ve landed beyond the goal line.

    • You have Shane to thank for putting together such an excellent program, Kevin. As far as clubbell training programs go, you can’t do much better than this. Although, I said that LAST time, too.

  2. Kevin Dougherty

    btw John, you’re an excellent writer. You might think about doing something with this creative skill. Or not. Maybe you’re going to be too busy with the clubbells and take up reading instead in the recline position. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy your web site.

    • People keep telling me this, and I’m not sure why. The only thing I can figure is that it’s my reckless abandonment of the rules of the English language. I don’t write correctly. I write conversationally. For now, I’m just going to keep doing what I have been here at Physical Living, but thanks for the feedback – always appreciated.

  3. Wintanclan

    Not that anyone asked me to add my two cents…

    Nevertheless, here are my first impressions of Shane’s new program. 

    Full disclosure: I am now the proud owner of Shane’s entire “evolution trilogy”. His excellent instruction has made my slowly growing set of clubbells my favorite training tools – and before that I wasn’t doing much “physical living” at all. Thanks to Shane (and to John for tipping me off via this blog) this now has changed – and what a change indeed: From my perspective, everything Shane claims that clubbell practice will do for you is no hyperbole.

    All three programs are worth far more than they cost, and his latest is by far the richest and most complete offering. If you are just discovering clubbells, my suggestion is that the new CBFE is the program to go with, as it will – step by step – open up the whole clubbell universe to you.

    Given that John in his review has already done the “involuntary gushing” the new CBFE program induces, I take the opportunity to describe a bit more of the program’s structure. 
    There are three main chapters – thus three distinct entry points – focusing on a) a single light clubbell, b) a pair of lighter clubbells or c) a single heavier one. 
    Each part has two pathways that are structured into 3 phases. In the first phase you are introduced in thorough detail to individual clubbell movements that are fully established and trained here. Then in phase two you are taught how to combine two of these movements into a mini-sequence. (See Shane’s 3 free CBFE instruction videos on this program to see how this builds up). 
    Then in the third phase all of the Sequences are strung together into a flow: a chain of – depending on how you count – 8-10 individual movements. So in total the program offers 6 of these flows that you work up to.

    If you have encountered CST elements already, you will know that movement flows play a big part in the philosophy. With Shane’s program flow has now finally arrived in the clubbell arm of CST. With flows you move beyond mere physical workouts and repetitions towards movement meditation: the higher complexity keeps your brain engaged, and your focus will remain with the exercise the whole time. You cannot exercise on autopilot and that is entirely a good thing. While mindfulness is anyways prudent when handling purposefully unwieldy clubbells, the added complexity of flows makes for the best possible exercise as it stimulates continual learning, which – as Shane describes in detail – triggers and feeds your personal development.

    In summary, CBFE offers both the best entry point, as well as the most extensive clubbell program to date. Plus it introduces you to the concept of clubbell flows, which just may be one of the best (read most highly evolved) forms of exercise.

    Final note: Should you be a seasoned clubbell wielder, then flows are a stimulating new concept to expand into. However, in comparison to Shane’s excellent prasara yoga flows the 6 clubbell flows are surprisingly short: Stringing together 8-10 clubbell moves gives flows of 20 seconds of continuous movement. Should you consider yourself in the privileged position to be able to delve in “at the deep end”, you may come to wish for even more ideas for flows. 
    Maybe Shane will add some in the future? Or maybe he will open up a (video) forum for flow developed by the clubbell community? In any case, with CBFE to complete the trilogy Shane has not added a closing chapter, but instead brought us to the beginning of something new and exciting.

    Something we should indeed dare to evolve even further.

    • Your two cents is most appreciated!

      I’d like to take a guess at one of Shane’s intentions by creating a system for working your way into clubbell flows. You see, once you understand the concept of a clubbell flow, and have experienced a systematic progression for how to get there safely and effectively, you now have a tool in your training arsenal that you can reuse and re-purpose in the future. After going through the Clubbell Flow Evolution, one can link together any combination of clubbell exercises to create new and original flows – creating a virtually unlimited array of advanced training options. Then again, maybe I’m completely wrong. But if I’m right, do you see where this is going?

      Like I said in the review: CBFE is the perfect legacy for the clubbell evolution series. Just food for thought :-)

      • Good guess brother. You know me well. : ) This really is a huge part of how it’s all set up Winfried. Entry level so anyone can come in and launching pad for where they may go. A bridge. A conduit. Not necessarily the start nor the end point. See, because the 6 Clubbell Flows… boy, Sifferman must be a good friend for me to say this here. Ya’ll be extra nice to him, because I haven’t actually said this anywhere else. Not even my own blog. The 6 Clubbell Flows are components themselves. To the biggies. : )

        But I felt it was way too advanced and way too much off the bat (that’s for down the road). I don’t want to be responsible for people killing themselves. Death by Clubbell. Besides the fact that one of my primary goals was to make this as accessible as possible to everyone. That this actually be that entry point for more and more people into Clubbells, while giving them what I give via Dare To Evolve. When I broke them down into the 6 component flows, I felt they were a bit short as well. So I decided to get some perspective and showed a couple to a few people. And they just went “Huh?! Are you kidding?” I thought great, this is where we need to start. Besides, these won’t feel so short once you start doing them for for 8+ minutes. ;D

  4. Great review, John. And timely as always (during sale window)! Obviously clubbell exercises/flows is the heart of this program; could you also tell is if there is anything new in warmups and compensations exercises? I’m a junkie for new stuff. Just curious as these will not ‘tip the scales’ for my purchase decision. Thank you!

    • There is new material in the warmups/cooldowns, yes, but not a ton jumped out at me as being brand new. But honestly, I haven’t looked at the warmups/cooldowns for ALL of the sessions myself. So, I just don’t know. Maybe Shane can jump in here and let us know.

      • Priyam, I originally had full on Prasara Flows laid out for this as well. But I really felt that to have so much movement sophistication (while advanced and cool) would detract from making the program truly available to the total beginner while giving something brand new and challenging to the seasoned veteran. I wanted this to be an access point for introducing people to the world of Clubbells, while giving them what i give via Dare To Evolve. So i shelved the Prasara Flows.

        You’ll recognize the warm-up and the cooldown movements as they are all drawn from Intu-Flow, they are just unique from their selection and composition to anything else out there, because they are specific to these flows and the mobilizing and compensating for the specific components of Clubbell training.

        I wanted it effective, but simple, sophistication wise so folks can concentrate on what they are learning with the Clubbells.

        Nice feedback has actually been that people have found it very easy to stay consistent with that aspect of the program, getting them to do it regularly and not… “jump” the gun. Which is great news to me, because then that means the purpose of accessibility is being fulfilled.

        • Thanks for your reply, Shane (and John too!). I totally understand what you are saying about effective but simple with clubbells being the main thing. I actually went ahead and purchased CBFE already after posting my question anyway. I’m still downloading but, if what I’m hearing and understanding about it is even mostly true, CBFE is a great deal at this sale price!! Look forward to checking it out.

  5. Hi John, I’ve just finished reading your review and it’s given me a great insight to the program. I’m currently looking for a program to buy at the moment so I’ve got a question for you: Is this still one of the best clubbell programs available to buy? The reason I ask is the review is 4 years old and other programs may have come out in this time. Thanks.

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