15 Reasons Why Exercise Is NOT Boring

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I’ve heard it a million different times in a million different ways.

Exercise is boring.

Well, you know what? Being weak, deconditioned, injured, and unhealthy SUCKS! So, what’s it gonna be?

Oh, was that my “out loud voice?”

Sorry about that.

But seriously, there are three main issues with this…

1) Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. And physical activity doesn’t even need to be “exercise.” I’ll tell ya – you can get a lot of exercise during a pick-up game of basketball or an hour playing ultimate frisbee. Plus, there are ways to make more traditional exercise fun and interesting, too.

2) Just because it’s boring doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. Doing my taxes is boring. Flossing my teeth is boring. Sitting in traffic is boring. But I still do those things when I have to because I have to. And sometimes, boring things are not only necessary, they’re worth it.

3) If you’re not willing to trade a little bit of so-called boredom for a huge amount of benefits, then you’re probably missing the whole point.

Having said that, here are 15 reasons why exercise is definitely not boring. It’s time to put the nail in that coffin once and for all.

  1. Being able to do the things you love simply because you’re healthy and fit enough to do them is not boring.
  2. Pushing yourself to your perceived limits and then finding out that you can go beyond them is not boring.
  3. Setting a new PR in a lift or workout is not boring.
  4. Feeling and looking your best is not boring.
  5. Being strong is not boring.
  6. Being a little better at being you each and every day is not boring.
  7. Being able to run up a flight of stairs with all your luggage and not have to catch your breath while everyone on the escalator is awkwardly staring at you is not boring.
  8. Failing over and over again and then finally succeeding is not boring.
  9. Going for a run at dawn and watching the sunrise while your neighbors are still tucked in bed is not boring.
  10. Having a great workout that leaves you feeling even more energized than when you started is not boring.
  11. Playing soccer, frisbee, football, basketball (etc.) for a couple of hours and not being exhausted and sore for a week or two afterwards is not boring.
  12. Embracing and even enjoying the pain of effort is not boring.
  13. Finding out what you’re really made of is not boring.
  14. Being healthy and fit into old age and not having to depend on others for care is not boring. Or, so I hear.
  15. Being a winner is not boring.

Shall I keep going?

Oh, what was that again? You think exercise is boring? You’re probably right. It must be.

I mean, it certainly couldn’t be that you just have a bad attitude about it, or that you haven’t accepted the fact that so-called boring things have benefits, or that you just haven’t figured out how to enjoy exercise, or because it’s harder than not exercising, or it just hasn’t worked for you (yet), or that you’d rather just do something else like sit on the couch and be entertained. It couldn’t be that. Certainly not.

Now, that said, if you’re having this much fun while you’re exercising. Well… I’ve got nothing.

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